11 Design Trends That NEVER Had a Chance

gold design trend
Photo by Ground Picture from Shutterstock

Rose and gold hardware

If you recently invested thousands of dollars in this trend, I’m sorry, but it’s out. It seems that rose gold and gold fixtures are totally a thing of the past. In fact, it seems that these days, it’s more about spring and way less about bling.

However, if you invested in that shiny new set of drawer pulls, don’t rush into returning the order just yet. You see, it might take a while until this prediction becomes a bona fide trend, so who knows? Maybe in two years, you’ll thank yourself for trusting in gold!

Boho style

Here’s another unpopular opinion: I think it’s time to say goodbye to the boho style. We get it; we’ve been aligning our chakras while listening to Jimmy Hendrix for a while now, and yes, even if we’re more spiritually enlightened, I feel like throwing out everything in a boho room, except for the plants.

It’s true that this wonderful, eclectic style gained a ton of popularity (remember all those boho Instagram posts?), but truth be told, this particular design is over. And if it’s something we won’t miss, it’s the silly excuse it gave everyone to allow themselves to be more cluttered.