15 Things That Make You an Awful Host


A little party never killed nobody. But a party can be killed by its very own host!

Have you been in the position of a host? If yes, then you surely know the feeling…you want everything to go as smoothly as possible and create an enjoyable atmosphere for your guests. However, despite your best intentions, sometimes things just don’t work out. It’s stressful being the host, so you can sometimes slip and make certain mistakes, some intentional, some without realizing.

That being said, check out these telltale signs that you might not be the best host out there, in hopes that your future parties will be successful and enjoyable for everyone.

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You don’t make proper introductions

As the host, it is your responsibility to introduce guests to one another, since you are the liaison person. Inviting people to a get-together and letting them deal with the awkwardness of introducing themselves is not pleasant for your guests.  Not to mention some might not be that sociable and courageous enough to start a conversation with complete strangers, by themselves.

You’re stressed out — and stressing everyone else in the process

No matter how many parties you’ve organized, it’s always stressful to be the host. But guests don’t need to see you your host-zilla personality. It will make them feel uncomfortable and even leave the party earlier. By letting everyone see you stressed, you will give them the same stressful feeling and no one will eventually have fun.

Even if you do feel a bit anxious about your event, try to create a relaxing and cozy atmosphere for your guests.

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You don’t take care of guests’ drinks

One very important task as a guest is to take care of your guests’ glasses and make sure they always have something to drink. People might feel awkward serving themselves something to drink whenever they want to, so, make sure you’ve got this part covered. How?

Just keep the drinks flowing. If this is something that you cannot do on your own, designate a family member for this task. Or, even better, if your budget allows it, hire a bartender for the duration of your party. It will be a hit, for sure.

You start cleaning up mid-party

Unless you want to signal everyone that the party is over, don’t go washing the dishes and cleaning things while your guests are still having a good time. A bad host will start tidying up with guests still eating and drinking. Don’t be that person!

The cleaning can wait. Focus on making your guests feel good instead of ushering them out the house through your behavior.

You’re constantly checking your watch

If you’re obsessed with checking the time throughout the party and guests see you do that, they will feel like their presence is bothering you. They will feel uncomfortable and will want to leave as soon as possible, even if your intentions are anything but.

Put your watch away if you know you can’t help checking it and just relax. A relaxed host is a sure recipe for a successful event.

You don’t tidy up beforehand

You shouldn’t tidy mid-party, but you do need to tidy up before your guests arrive. A house in complete disarray is nowhere near a place where people can feel comfortable and relaxed. Apart from tidying up the rooms where your guests will most likely spend their time, like the kitchen and dining room, make sure you also prepare your guest room. You never know who enjoys the party that much that they need to spend the night at your place.

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You didn’t buy enough drinks

There’s no clearer sign that the party is over than running out of booze. To make sure you don’t send the wrong messages to your guests, make sure you buy enough beer, wine and other beverages that people might like to drink at your party. Imagine having fun, drinking, socializing and having to stop mid-party.

You’re drinking more than your guests

When you are the host, it is important to send your guests a good vibe. By enjoying yourself, you set the tone for the evening and encourage the rest to have a good time as well. However, don’t overreact with the booze and enjoy yourself more than you should.

Getting drunk while hosting a party is a mistake you want to avoid. Not only will it make your guests feel uncomfortable but it will also give you a bad rep. Sure, try to be the best master of ceremonies as possible, keep the drinks flowing for your guests but keep your number of glasses within a reasonable limit.

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You ask guests to chip in

Hosting a party and then asking the people you invited to contribute with money for food and drinks is downright rude and tacky. It is also a sure way to make your guests run for the hills and never come back for another one of your events.

Unless it is a smaller get together between friends, and you all decided to come up with money for the things you buy, like foods and drinks, don’t make the mistakes of asking someone to chip in a few dollars for what they’ve consumed during your party.

You haven’t made proper seating arrangements

As a host, you have to consider a lot of details. Seating included. Not having too many chairs for your guests to sit on is a major mistake, as it can make many of them, seated or otherwise, feel uncomfortable.

On the other hand, having too many chairs piling up and occupying important space is also not a good thing, especially in the case of a cocktail party. As a matter of fact, fewer chairs (when it comes to cocktail parties alone) is better as people will be somehow “forced” to socialize and move around instead of sitting at the dinner table throughout the entire evening.

You haven’t made any arrangements for pets

Your pets might be part of the family but don’t presume that your guests will be on the same page with you. Some might not be comfortable in the presence of animals. Some might be allergic to animal hair, which can make things even worse for everyone.

Whatever the reason, as a host, it is your responsibility to make sure that no one feels uncomfortable during your party. Your pets included. Therefore, it would be better to either keep your pets in another room, for everyone’s safety and well-being, or make arrangements for them to stay with someone else during the party.

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You don’t have enough food

To make sure your event is a hit, stock up on food. Better have more than less. You can always give your guests food casseroles, if there’s a lot of food left at the end of the night. Guests will not mind some food casseroles but they will surely mind an empty stomach.

Not to mention that consuming alcohol on an empty stomach is never a good idea. Unless you want your guests to make arrangements to pizza deliveries or hitting a late diner after they leave your party, make sure there’s plenty of food on the table for everyone invited.

You constantly check your phone

Smartphone addiction is real, no one can deny this. We’re guilty of scrolling aimlessly on social media, checking emails, texting etc. But if you’re doing it obsessively during your own party, instead of focusing on your guests, expect some consequences.

People will start noticing your lack of interest in enjoying their company. Don’t be surprised if they start leaving, one by one, sooner than expected. A host constantly checking their phone is definitely not helping the party atmosphere.

You don’t stop apologizing

Being a little self-deprecatory from time to time is not a bad thing, especially when you use your weak points to emphasize your strong ones. In the role of the host, however, constantly apologizing for things that did not go as planned is not exactly a good thing.

First of all, no one knows that things do not go as planned, as you are the only one who knows the plan. Secondly, pointing out all the negative aspects, like the warm wine, cold food etc., will only make your guests even more aware of such details; if they did not notice them before, chances are, they will notice them after talking to you.

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You’re not enjoying yourself

At the other end of the spectrum, a host who seems to be having too much fun, is clearly a host that is struggling to enjoy themselves for the sake of appearances. This doesn’t mean you should be the grim, unhappy host that feels frustrated for having to cater to their guests’ whims. Too happy or too sad just shows your guests that you want them out of there as soon as possible. If that’s the case, why bother hosting a party in the first place?

Relax, lighten up and try to enjoy the party so that everyone else can do the same.