11 Design Trends That NEVER Had a Chance

design trend
Photo by Ground Picture from Shutterstock

All white and gray

It seems that white kitchens are almost on their way out, making room for bold, bright, colorful kitchens. As the latest trend report showed, it seems that white got the most dramatic decline in popularity (as it went down 10 points from last year to 14 percent).

Also, light gray didn’t do any better, ending up with the fewest votes overall (only 5%). If you ask us, we think that this increasing decline in white and gray shows just how much we want to design our homes, in which we spend the most time, in a more colorful and joyful manner.

Tons of colors (carefully chosen) make you feel special and layered. They evoke nature, they are visually intriguing, and they also make you feel emotionally reassured.

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