11 Design Trends That NEVER Had a Chance

design sofa trend
Photo by Marko Poplasen from Shutterstock

Animal prints

Besides deciding to ditch white-on-white for warmer and happier tones, I think it’s time to say goodbye to animal prints and say hello to other biophilic patterns and tones, with special emphasis on…zebras.

Do you remember the cowhide? Well, before that, there were zebra rugs. They gave rooms a wildly exotic flair in the ’70s, which worked very well in those times. But now, animal print rugs seem a bit more cheesy than worldly.

Things that are mass-produced

Soulful spaces are now seen as a form of self-expression and historical nostalgia. In fact, according to Pinterest’s home and design creator management lead, Jeremy Jankowski, there has been an increase in searches for eclectic and vintage interior designs.

In fact, it was a whopping 850 percent. It comes as an effort to be sustainably minded, but it is also matched with a general interest in arranging and setting up spaces that tell a story. So it’s time to say goodbye to quick, cheap, and impersonal pieces and say hello to one-of-a-kind, fashionable vintage treasures.

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