11 Design Trends That NEVER Had a Chance

Photo by photopixel from Shutterstock

Carpeted bathrooms

Even if some of us would rather go with style over function, carpeted bathrooms don’t make any sense. I mean, out of ALL the rooms in the house, the bathroom is probably the last one you’d want to have carpet!

Luckily, there were enough water-damage situations to make sense of this trend and make it disappear. Now, it’s just a distant, weird memory that we sometimes remember for a good laugh.

Midcentury Modern

A couple of years ago, midcentury modern was the most fashionable thing you could imagine. It’s true that the craftsmanship, clean lines, and elegance should be appreciated now, too, and that they will never truly disappear, especially since so many other design trends will borrow from them.

However, this doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t be progressing from the old dictum of modernism to the funky shapes and psychedelic designs of the ’70s. I think we’re ready.

Open-floor-plan living

Let’s talk about spatial awareness. There are SO many benefits to an open-plan living space. It gives the illusion of more space, plus an abundance of square footage for easy foot traffic and wonderful entertaining opportunities.

That being said, all this forced openness could also mean decreased privacy, which might have taken a toll on us, especially during the pandemic. What I’m trying to say is that for some couples, walls might be necessary, at least sometimes, so privacy might have been underrated for quite some time now.

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