11 Design Trends That NEVER Had a Chance

sliding barn doors trends
Photo by Neil Podoll from Shutterstock

Sliding barn doors

When it comes to sliding barn doors, we accept the fact that this trend might diminish in popularity. However, maybe it’s time to ease off on this farmhouse style, especially since the whole “cottage core” atmosphere isn’t as relatable as it used to be.

If you’ve just gotten out of debt after investing in a massive sliding barn door with exposed metal hardware, don’t get upset! I’m not saying that the whole rustic-industrial atmosphere is completely gone (I personally love it no matter what). But who knows what will happen in a couple of years?

Boxy furnishings

Honestly, it’s super hip to be curved. So those heavyset, quadratic sofas that were in style in the ’90s era must make room for the ’70s resurgence. And yes, it involves low seating and seductive shapes. But you know what? I heard that people in the ’70s had better naps, so I think we might be into something!


Truth be told, pastels never left the room. Well, at least not until 2020, when we got hit by surprise by a full-blown pandemic and we needed joyful, happy colors more than ever. And trust me, we still do.

So even if before we might have chosen a muted green to please feng shui, now we don’t care anymore. We love eclectic, colorful colors that remind us of all the beautiful things in the world!

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