Is Your Home Lacking Natural Light? Here Are 11 Smart Ways to Change That!


Did you know that natural light can improve mental health and boost productivity?

Stress levels and anxiety represent a serious problem nowadays and a lot of teenagers have to deal with it alone. Seeing a specialist it is usually the last part of the healing process. So, an easy way to improve our mental health, when we become aware of losing control of our thoughts and emotions, is to lighten up our homes and workplaces. Working in bright, white, and well-designed spaces can improve not only our emotional state but also stimulate our productivity, boosting our overall mood.

Natural light can improve mental health and stimulate productivity, which is why everyone should consider lighting up their homes and working spaces. The majority of us usually spend the most time indoors so we have to do our best to incorporate natural light and enjoy its numerous benefits.

The natural light will never come due at the end of the month with the power bill, which represents probably one of its main advantages. It is completely free. So, besides the benefits for our mental health, and the aspectual parts, natural lighting in a home saves a lot of money by significantly reducing electric consumption.

A problem the people are facing is represented by the way their homes are built because they weren’t built with natural light plans in mind. So, this article aims to show you 11 ways to increase natural light in a home, even if you are not an interior designer.

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Install windows for the roof

Skylights represent an easy solution to illuminate your space when needed. They are also called windows for the roof because they can successfully simulate natural lighting. Skylights are not shadowed by outdoor objects, which is why they can bring more consistent light than normal windows.

Paint the walls white

Usually, the ceilings are white for a reason. But if the ceilings are not enough, you can also paint all the walls with a brighter color. White has been a trendy color lately, so it represents an easy way to achieve the home of your dreams by adding it to your walls and ceilings.

Choosing the white color for your interior walls is easier not just for illuminating reasons, but also because it has the power to make the space look cleaner, larger, and well-designed.

Add some mirrors

Mirrors are not only incredibly elegant, but they can also create the impression of a larger space. No matter the size of your home, a mirror can do an amazing job. The key is placement. If you place a mirror in a strategic place, where it can reflect the natural light that comes from the windows it can almost do magic tricks in the process of lightening up your space.

Use glossier paint

If you don’t like the idea of buying and hanging a mirror, we have another suggestion for you, that also works really well. By using glossier paints you create the effect of having mirrors all around your house. The light you’ll have indoors depends on the gloss level you choose. The higher the gloss level the brighter will become your home’s interior.

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Add reflective elements

If you want to be a little extra, you can install a chandelier. Even if the lights are turned off in a room, a chandelier has amazing reflecting powers, making any space look brighter. Its top potential can be achieved when the sunlight is falling directly on it, during the daytime.

If a chandelier does not fit your home design, you can also search for other shiny, reflective elements to add around the house. Placing a glossy element on a piece of basic furniture can brighten up a darker corner of the house.

Rethink curtain placement and model

Choosing the right curtain can be difficult if you are not a professional or if you are not passionate about home design. The material you choose, but most importantly the colors of the curtain can have a big impact on a closed space.

If you have bigger windows, you can choose to place two curtains instead of one creating, in that way, a larger space for the natural light to come in. Placing the curtains beyond the window casing also gives the illusion of a larger room.

Use accent lighting

Another easy method to brighten up a home is using layers of lighting. Layering lights can offer a cozy ambiance if needed. This way, you can adjust the lights, creating the perfect setting for every event that is going to take place.

If we are talking about a movie night, you can set up the lights and create a cozy ambiance. To illuminate darker corners you can use floor lamps, whereas, if you want to build a study place, your go-to choice would be a reading lamp.

Buy some candles

Candles can also play a crucial role in accent lighting, PLUS, they smell really really good. Amazon is a great place where you can find them. They represent a budget-friendly way to bring some light into the house. Another good thing about candles is that they are found in various forms, models, and colors. They have the power to satisfy any taste and match any home design.

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Rearrange the furniture

If you’ve tried everything and you still feel that you need more light, you can try redecorating your home by rearranging the furniture. Furniture placement can influence the interior design, the space, and the reflections of sunlight a lot.

Replace the simple walls with glass blocks

A more expensive, but effective method for including natural light in your place is replacing some parts of the exterior wall with a glass block. The glass will help the sunlight get into your home, making it look brighter.

Use reflective tiles

Using highly reflective tiles is the next best thing. A suitable type is glass tile. If placed in the right light and in the right part of the house, this type of tile can reflect almost 100 %  of the light that hits it. Another great option is represented by the ceramic tiles which are almost as effective as the glass ones.

Usually, we spend a lot of time in our homes working, cooking, sleeping, or relaxing with our family members. Numerous benefits for the mind and body can be provided just by embracing natural light and combining it with indoor comfort.

Research has found that Americans spend most of their time at home and generally avoid getting outside their houses if it is not absolutely necessary. In this case, the advantages of natural light play a crucial role in their mental health, energy levels, and working mindset.

Embracing natural light can also benefit those who deal with eye irritation after spending too much time under artificial lighting. In a world where a lot of tasks are waiting to be quickly completed, it is important to have a look at some tricks that we can use to make our job seem easier

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Hope you enjoy!