4 Paint Colors To Make Your Small Apartment Feel Bigger


Light and space are things that everybody wishes for their home.

Sometimes a small apartment can make you feel cozier and more in touch with your personality than living in a place with multiple huge rooms and a lack of personality.

The right paint color can work like magic to make your place airy. The right accessories and the combination of your style and passions will give you the desired atmosphere to feel at home and express yourself freely.

We have some playful tones to enhance the outlook of your small apartment.

All you need to do is play with the natural light.

There is a little rule for this: white is a good solution for enhancing the light, but if you try to avoid the hostile, you can use other light tones with a touch of warmth or coolness, based on your preferences.

On the other hand, dark and dull tones give the impression of depth, and they visually enlarge the space.

Please find below a list of some vibrant colors and how they work to change the aesthetics of your small apartment.

small apartment catching the natural light
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The hues of the sun in your small apartment – calm, warm tones

This is a good choice, especially because it makes it easier for you to add decorations, your favorite antique pieces, or whatever comes to mind to hang on the walls.

Using other cooler-toned neutrals for the other rooms seems like a good idea for creating a subtle contrast and giving a different energy to the different spaces, so they can stand out in their own way.

For extra comfort and warmth, you can use textiles such as pillows or blankets with interesting textures.

There are tones like beige and taupe that you can use for the walls, and you can go for terracotta or mustard furniture and décor.

For a harmonious look, don’t forget to paint details such as window frames, cornices, architraves, and skirting, as this will elevate the whole room’s appearance and eliminate any visual clutter.

Soft lighting is always a good idea for a cozy place, so you can incorporate lamps with warm-toned bulbs, such as floor lamps, string lamps, or table lamps, to create a relaxing atmosphere.

Don’t hesitate to use artwork and mirrors, or maybe some natural-organic elements like plants, woven baskets, and candles, to infuse your rooms with a glow and aroma.

Also, to use efficiently all the space, you can find functional storage solutions in neutral tones and hide inside everything that doesn’t look aesthetically pleasant.

small apartment decorated in dark navy tones
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Navy dark as a mysterious space enhancer

For a striking interior, dark navies paradoxically have the ability to create larger spaces visually, as they offer depth. Embrace the dark tones and extend them to cover everything, including the door frames and the door itself.

You can consider painting the side walls and leaving the ceiling a lighter color. This technique divides the room into sections, creating the illusion of more space. If what you wish is a balance of light and dark, don’t forget to incorporate lighter colors for contrast.

If you choose dark tones for the walls, everything else you add should be wisely placed and it should be in the right colors.

Opt for sheer curtains, as they allow filtered natural light and create an airy atmosphere.

Your choice of nuance for furniture should be light. This is how the contrast creates its illusion. Go for cream, beige, or light gray that opens up the space and prevents a suffocating sensation.

Make use of vertical placement by adding floating shelves and tall bookshelves. The items displayed vertically create the illusion of a higher ceiling, which naturally enlarges the side space.

If the space allows, place mirrors on the opposite side of the windows to steal as much natural light as possible.

For the other sources of lighting, ensure an evenly distributed light with a combination of ceiling and floor lights, table lamps, and wall sconces to minimize shadows.

The ending note should be minimalist décor to avoid giving the feeling of an overcrowded space. Use statement pieces, place them as focal points, and try to keep it as decluttered as possible.

A soulful sanctuary with earthly tones

For a tranquil interior, earthly tones seem to be a great choice, in the dance of light and shadow.

You can incorporate nature-inspired motifs, whites, and neutrals, as well as various textures that create a vibrant space, perfect for a peaceful person.

In the decoration process, there are multiple creative elements you can add for a touch of authenticity and sparkle.

Indoor plants are going to bring a touch of nature and vitality into your space. The shades of gray complement the earthly tones, and they are also playing a role in purifying the air.

You can give your place the energy of Mother Earth with artwork such as ceramic pottery, clay, or sand nuanced items for tactile appeal and a rustic charm.

Woven wall hangings can be outstanding and they fit in amazingly well, as can rugs made from natural fibers like sisal, jute, or seagrass.

If you’re interested in owning these types of pieces, this is where you can find them.

Furniture crafted from wood may be a great idea, as it captures the natural light. Your small apartment will look like it’s kissed by the sun.

If you choose this theme, we advise you to bring all the elements the earth can give, so if the place starts to look a little bit dull, you can always use metallic accents to add depth and sophistication. To keep it vivid, you can opt for gold, copper, or bronze accessories.

In this symphony of senses, your small apartment turns into a sanctuary that you can call home not only with your body but also with your spirit.

small apartment decorated in earthly tones
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Peachy and blushy tones for blushy souls

If this palette is what you feel the most attracted to, you probably resonate with an elegant and clean environment. A small apartment can bloom with tones of soft blush, peach, and delicate pink or orange.

These hues awaken your senses and add a note of romance to your space.

Talking about furniture, you should go for light, neutral tones. For example, you can choose a sofa in cream or beige to complement the color on the walls and to avoid overpowering the space.

For a pop of color, you can introduce slim chairs with an interesting texture, like velvet, in bolder shades of the same palette. A round or oval coffee table with an elegant white or glass top can complement the airy sense of the room.

For accents, you can use metallic trinkets in pastel shades for a charming and sophisticated look.

Sheer curtains are also a good choice for peachy vibes, and you can use them in neutral tones and delicate textures. This is going to bring elegance to the window area.

When peachy tones are what you like, I know your personal space may mean a lot to you, so add pillows, blankets, candles, and artwork to bring coziness.

You can place mirrors strategically to reflect the light, and for your dear glamour touch, you can opt for gold or brass frames.

A blushy house is for a blushy soul, so it’s up to you to add everything you’re passionate about to create an inviting atmosphere that radiates your inner warmth and sophistication.

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