5 Things EVERY American Homeowner Should Do Monthly

monthly home checklist
Image By Lara Makela From Shutterstock

Incoming rainy month? Check your attic for leaks!

If you know that you are expecting a storm, then you should make sure to check your attic shortly after it has started raining. While it may seem counterproductive to check for leaks while it is raining, it is actually a part of your monthly home checklist that you should always check when it is raining that month. This is because if you end up having a roof leak, you can easily see it when it is raining, so you know which part of the roof needs to be patched.

If you check them only after the rain stops or whenever you remember, you may miss some roof leaks. If you leave these leaks unrepaired for longer, then you are looking at possible insulation damage, along with mold infestations and health problems down the line!

Not to mention, when you make those monthly home checklist attic visits, you should also look at airflow or insulation issues. It may not rain that month, but you can still check some things to make sure that you are not paying bigger cooling or heating bills for no reason!

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