5 Things EVERY American Homeowner Should Do Monthly

monthly home checklist
Image By GagoDesign From Shutterstock

Stay safe by checking on your automatic garage door!

Yes, your garage door should be on your monthly home checklist, even if you use it every other day. There are some safety features that are associated with your automatic-opening garage doors, and if you have not been using them, you may not even remember what they are like. However, they are essential in a lot of situations, so you need to check that they are in good shape.

Be it that you are checking that they work well or that the sensors for the safety beams work well so that the door stops once it detects something in its path, it is a great idea to check these monthly! You never know what can happen, and repairing a broken safety beam is cheaper than repairing anything the garage door would crush!

Not to mention, you would not like to have such a heavy door not stop if someone’s under it; leave the tragedies for another day, especially since this one is preventable!

These definitely went on our monthly home checklist after we got our new home!

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