5 Things EVERY American Homeowner Should Do Monthly

monthly home checklist
Image By Sucharas Wongpeth From Shutterstock

HVAC filters need to be checked monthly!

You have probably gotten tired of professionals, articles online, and even people you know telling you to check your HVAC filters as often as possible, but this is only because it is extremely important. Experts stress that these filters should be changed at least four times every year, so once per season at the very least, but it is good practice to add checking on them to your monthly home checklist!

Dirty floors can be full of debris, dust, and other particles that will not only clog them and make your system work badly but can also just move dust around your home and ruin your health in the long run. It is better to check on them once a month and take the fear of having to repair a broken HVAC system off your mind!

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