6 Home Decor Mistakes NOBODY Should Make After 45

home decor mistakes
Image By Edoma From Shutterstock

4. Excessive doilies

This is one of those home decor trends that has since fallen out of grace with most people. Do not get us wrong, one or two around are definitely not unwelcome, as they can indeed bring a nice flair to a room when integrated into the overall decor of the room. However, if you have been using them excessively all around your home, and wherever you can, you add a doily, then you should start to transition out of this habit!

Most people who use these home decor pieces end up doing it so that they do not have to clean their glass or wood furniture as often as they actually should, and this is the impression you are giving to a lot of people. What’s more, it can look extremely tacky if you have a mainly modern-decorated home and you have doilies lying around.

Embrace your furniture and its inherent beauty, and stop trying to cover everything! And if you were using doilies to hide away the fact that you do not like your furniture, then you are indeed late for a refurbishing moment!

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