6 Home Decor Mistakes NOBODY Should Make After 45

home decor mistakes
Image By VPales From Shutterstock

6. Plastic sofa

Speaking of sofas and home decor mistakes, we surely hope that you gave up on wrapping your soda in plastic by now! And if you have not, then you should definitely take off that plastic cover. Not only are you making your whole room look horrible when it comes to home decor and cohesiveness, but you are truly not making the most of your sofa.

Sure, you are keeping it spotless and in pristine condition, but you are not actually enjoying your purchase. Those plastic covers are cold, squeaky, and horrible to sit on. And let’s be honest, your kids or young adults in the family already know they should not dirty the couch by now, so drop the plastic cover.

If anything, if you are worried that your sofa will get dirty, you can always use a throw to cover the most at-risk parts of it, or use the throw when you know people with a high risk of dirtying it are coming over. Believe us, it will look a million times better!

And before you ask, yes, there is such a thing as furniture for seniors. Before you refurnish your whole house and realize that your furniture may be unsafe for you in the future, make sure you read our article about the best ways to choose the perfect furniture that will last you into your retirement!

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