6 New Invasive Species Brought On by Climate Change

new invasive species
Photo by Jules Johnson at Shutterstock

Climate change does a lot of harm to our beautiful planet and one of the things that might affect your yard without you even realizing it is the new invasive species. This shift in temperature caused some invasive species to migrate, and this means that you will see a rise in the number of invasive plants, insects, and animals.

These new invasive species have an adverse effect on the habitat in which they are migrating, and this can cause you some trouble. Global temperatures are rising as a result of climate change, and this has an impact on a variety of factors, like the length of growing seasons and whether it gets cold enough to kill all the invasive insects.

And the worst thing about new invasive species is that because they are new in the habitat they have migrated to, they have zero known predators. This means they can reproduce and create chaos without anything stopping them!

So get ready, and let’s find out who the enemies of your garden and yard are!

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