8 Hidden Home Odor Problems and How to Address Them

Home Odor Problem
Photo by Krakenimages.com at Shutterstock

Are home odor problems giving you a headache?

Your place can harbor all sorts of lingering and unpleasant home odor problems: think stale cigar smoke, cat urine, last Sunday’s fried fish,… and what is that stench from the bathroom?

According to US Census data and Simmons National Consumer Survey, the range and nastiness of these scents could explain why more than 249 million Americans reported using air fresheners and room deodorizers in recent years.

However, before deciding how to eliminate odors in a home, we must figure out what’s causing it. If you’ve ever described your home’s smell as “fishy,” you might have a home odor problem on your hands.

And if you can’t determine where that ghastly odor is coming from, check our list of 8 likely causes. Who knows…You might find the culprit where you least expect it.

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