9 Greatest Houseplants for Interior Lighting in Every Room


Are you looking for some of the best houseplants to boost your indoor lighting naturally? 

Who loves houseplants? Raise your hand so I can see you and welcome you to my houseplant club! If you’re not a big fan of them, trust me, you’ll be after reading my article. While the process of picking one or more suitable plants for your space can be quite daunting and tricky, all you have to do is keep in mind two important things about them: how to water them and their light requirements.

Beyond those considerations, the possibilities for your indoor gardening pursuits are endless if you can create the ideal growth environment (well, excluding your ceiling, of course). Now enough with the botanist jokes, let’s take a look at some of the best houseplants that will bring more interior lighting into your nest:

best houseplants
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  • Jade plant

One of the best houseplants on the list is the tiny jade plant. This one is among the most popular succulents and looks so cute that it will make you fall in love at first sight. Plus, the major perk of it is that it is the perfect choice for beginners.

They require relatively little water, are quite resilient, and stay green all year round. They’ll also be around for a very long time, which makes them an excellent “ideal friend.”

Jade plants are known as some of the best houseplants because, besides helping with interior lighting, they are also some of the less pretentious ones. Buy some regular soil and place it somewhere in a bright spot, preferably near the window, to have at least 4 to 6 hours of light throughout the day. Beware that this plant is highly toxic for dogs and cats, so look for another one from the list if you have a furry friend.

  • Alocasia

Depending on the kind, these plants can grow to be 2 to 6 feet tall and broad. They only need watering when they are actively growing, which is from spring to fall. Following that, you may water it as needed, but make sure the soil is kept just moist enough to avoid becoming too soggy.

These thick, green tropical plants can grow inside in well-lit spaces under the correct circumstances, giving them a striking focal point in any sunny room.

  • Paddle plant

This is probably one of the best houseplants for Americans! You’ll want to have one too after reading these lines. The paddle plant has huge blooms that seem like one wavy leaf with crimson tips, it will definitely give a bedroom or living area an air of refinement.

Before adding potting soil to your container, make sure it has a layer of stones and activated charcoal at the bottom. Then, let the soil dry up a little in between waterings to promote appropriate drainage.

They enjoy full light during the day, so make sure to put them close to the biggest window in your home. This is another poisonous plant for dogs, but if you must have it inside the house, make sure it’s out of their reach.

  • Philodendron

If you’re looking for some of the best houseplants known for being less needy than others, look in the stores for philodendrons. In medium-to-high light, it grows more quickly, although it can tolerate low light.

There are many different sizes, forms, and colors of foliage. In temperate regions, philodendrons may also be cultivated outside. This specific plant likes its soil to be damp, but not wet! Put it somewhere close to the window to finish off the comfortable room’s general design. Although this plant isn’t very toxic to pets, it’s still best to keep them away from it.

You decided! This year, you’ll become an indoor gardener, and you couldn’t be happier about it! And if you decided the best houseplants for you are some tiny succulents, then I recommend checking out these 3-piece owl succulent pots that are adorable. Made of ceramics, they have drainage and a nice stand as well. Be aware that the pots come empty without any plants in them!

It costs only $18.99 on Amazon.

best houseplants
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  • Air plants

Look at it, how cute it is! If you are a beginner when it comes to houseplants, it’s better to opt for plants that aren’t really demanding. That’s why, among the best houseplants on our list, we had to include air plants. Living up to their name, they don’t need soil to live. Just a spritz of water from time to time.

Not all types like a weekly bath, but some do. Put them on display in a terrarium, shell, bowl, or on a shelf. They may even be used as a live accent by pinning them to a wreath. Try keeping one in the bathroom, as it will like the increased moisture.

As much as you do, they adore sunny days, so put it somewhere secure where it can enjoy the sun during the day. Are you still not convinced that air plants are the best house plants? They are not harmful to people or pets.

  • Autograph tree

For those who are unfamiliar, Clusia rosea (scientific name) is a chic, low-maintenance houseplant that has gorgeous rubbery leaves that you can carve your name into. Plants that are autograph trees do best in medium-to-bright indirect light; direct sunshine might burn the foliage.

  • English ivy

Continuing the list of the best houseplants with the one and only English ivy, This carefree beauty grows well in hanging baskets, pots, or by sharing pots with other taller houseplants. It does need some light, though.

In the spring and summer, you should make sure it has access to mild light; in the fall and winter, you should make sure it has access to strong light or extra fluorescent light. Aside from that, though, it’s a good investment for any novice gardener. Since it’s a common houseplant, you can find it at every flower shop in your town.

  • Ponytail palm

Take a look at this adorable, slow-growing, long-living palm; it’s pet-friendly, easy to care for, and has a spherical trunk that reminds me of a bonsai. This plant, which gets its name from its ponytail-like leaves, retains moisture at its base, making it more tolerant of skipping watering it for a few days or a week. Water the plant sparingly. Before watering it once more, wait until the top layer of soil—roughly two to three inches—dries out.

  • Frizzle sizzle

Are you looking for a cute and quirky plant that’s among the best houseplants for beginners? Here’s the frizzle sizzle. This plant has the excellent quality of looking fantastic even when it isn’t in flower. Its exquisitely lovely blossoms have a subtle vanilla fragrance. It needs well-drained soil and adores bright sunshine. The plant does have a drawback, though, in that it is extremely poisonous to pets and can induce diarrhea if consumed.

That’s it! These are some of the best houseplants you can bring into your space if you’re in for a green thumb game. Make sure you let us know in the comments section below which one is your favorite!

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