9 Plants That Will Scare Respiratory Problems Away

Photo by AngieYeoh from Shutterstock

The coronavirus has made us all pay more attention to lung health and the threats that may lead to respiratory issues. If a few years ago we weren’t so concerned about caring for our lungs, things have now changed. More and more people are nowadays looking for ways to keep that pair of organs safe, healthy, and away from any infection. This is a vital thing to do, especially if you’re dealing with allergies or asthma.

Of course, vacuuming and dusting on a regular basis and perhaps having an air purifier in your house are all things you should start with, but I have one more trick for you to keep respiratory problems at bay: indoor plants!

Since most people were forced to stay inside their homes during the pandemic, experts discovered that being indoors doesn’t protect you from air pollutants. Surprisingly, air pollution is as real inside your house as it is outside of it. Obviously, the air you breathe under your roof doesn’t contain so many harmful substances, but it can still lead to oxidative stress and impairment of lung function.

Therefore, one of the smartest tricks to purify indoor air is to have as many plants as possible. Not only are indoor plants good for your respiratory health, but they can also make your house look more lively and pretty.

Here are the 9 best indoor plants to take care of your lungs!

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