12 Household Pest Removal Methods You Need to Know NOW

Pest Removal Method
Photo by HJBC at Shutterstock

Keep flies out with basil.

Flies DESPISE basil! So they won’t get closer to things surrounded by basil plants.

Depending on the weather where you live, you can grow some of this yummy herb in elongated pots and put them on window sills inside or outside your home.

And if you don’t have the sunlight or space to grow it, you can put dried basil in a few cloth pouches.

A good pest removal method would be to rub them a couple of times daily to strengthen the scent, and flies won’t go inside through open windows.

Scare Off Spiders with Citrus

Spiders aren’t exactly fond of citrus smells. Mix some water and lemon or lime juice in a spray bottle as a pest removal method. Spray down doorways and windowsills.

You can also deter spiders in your garden by laying around orange, lemon, or lime peels.

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