12 Household Pest Removal Methods You Need to Know NOW

Pest Removal Method
Photo by KrimKate at Shutterstock

Keep a clean kitchen…and don’t forget about the rest of your house.

Whenever you accidentally spill something, you should wipe it up immediately. And make sure you don’t leave any food uncovered on your kitchen counters. This goes for pet food, as well. It might not look like a tasty treat to you.

But it can attract pests like any other food. Another important aspect many folks don’t think about? Cleaning the oven regularly after using it. The kitchen might be a significant target for bugs.

And since we’re on the subject of cleaning, you should ensure you’re also keeping the rest of your home clean! Mop and vacuum weekly, especially in areas under and between appliances, along baseboards and shelves in closets.

Recycle bins and trash cans should also be emptied regularly, and clean any spills inside the containers. Don’t forget about washing your pet’s bedding regularly too!

Fix leaks immediately.

Another useful pest removal method would be to promptly fix any leaking pipes and taps because cockroaches and many other household pests love dark, damp, warm places with a source of water.

Cockroaches will even gather in the cavity of your dishwasher door!

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