12 Cute Flowers to Plant in Pots During the Winter Season 


These are the most beautiful flowers that love winter:  

If you love gardening, there is no particular reason to avoid it, not even in the winter! Because I am a plant momma too and I love seeing flowers in every corner of my apartment, I did my research and found those flowers that love winter, and they can be planted during December and early January without worries.

Now, enough with the chitchat, my green thumb friend! Gather your gardening utensils because we have some stuff to do. Let’s start with the number one plant that’s going to be a perfect addition to every space, small or big:

flowers that love winter
Photo by M. Volk from Shutterstock

1. Clivia

Just look at them—how beautiful and delicate they are! Clivia is one of the flowers that love winter and the indoor climate. It has the potential to grow into a big plant with thick, long green leaves. If you take good care of it, clivia plants bloom a cluster of 20 flowers in late winter. In some places, it’s a tad expensive, but at least I got mine for $20 per plant.

The perks of having a clivia in your home are that it’s super easy to take care of. Since it’s one of the flowers that love winter, it’s also a shade-loving plant that enjoys mostly the morning sun. Don’t drain it in water because it requires only the bare minimum to keep its foliage moist. I water mine every two or three days.

2. Poppies

The second plant on the list that thrives best during cold months is the poppies. Thus, they spread their seeds outside in the winter or fall and watch for the garden to be brightened by their cheerful blooms. They need well-draining soil, frequent watering, and full light. Until they become established, feed them sparingly.

Do you want to chop them up for a cute indoor display? It is best to sear the chopped stem ends over a flame before submerging them in water.

3. Violas

Violas are definitely one of the most beautiful flowers that love winter! With the right care, violas may bloom throughout the summer as well as into the winter. Even on the darkest day, the vibrant variety of hues in its flowers—white, pink, yellow, and red—can certainly cheer up your home. Moreover, violas are edible and can be used as a cake decoration or as a garnish for cuisine.

Violas don’t require a lot of attention. Just remember to give your violas frequent watering and to shield them from full sun or partial shade. Additionally, deadheading encourages quicker growth.

4. Bluebells

These cute, lavender-like flowers are perfect for the winter season. If you’re looking for some flowers that love winter and bloom during gloomy days, look no further. Bluebells tend to grow up pretty tall and love well-draining soil that’s also slightly acidic. They like the sun, but not too much, so it’s preferable to plant them somewhere where there is also a bit of shade during the day.

Water them regularly, but not too often, because they can easily rot if the soil is very moist. Since I am a bluebell momma too, I’d recommend watering every two or three days, depending on where you keep it.

5. Boxwood

If you are looking for some flowers that you can easily plant in pots, boxwood might be the perfect choice. Known as a resistant plant, it thrives all year round, especially in harsh weather conditions during the winter and hot summers.

Since it doesn’t necessarily need any particular maintenance, boxwood doesn’t need anything else but a large pot and a big drainage hole in it. Give it water moderately, since it doesn’t like to float. During the winter, protect your boxwood by covering the soil with wood chips.

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6. Pansies

Among the flowers that love winter, pansies stand pretty high on top. Pansies can withstand extremely low temperatures and flourish abundantly once summer arrives. Its “smiling face” blooms have a lively scent and a vivid color that may bring so much happiness into your home. Plus, it’s also easy to take care of them!

Pansies like normal soil, but if you want to see them happy, I’d recommend using some fertilizer once in a while. Water them regularly, and remove the deadheading when it’s necessary.

7. Decorative Kale

This is the one that you can admire, not the one that you usually put in your salad! Even though both of them are from the same “family,” the decorative kale has marvelous colors and adores cold temperatures, which makes it a great choice for your winter garden.

For it to grow strong, decorative kale needs four to five hours of sunlight. It must be planted on soil that drains properly. Choose pots with a diameter of four to eight inches if you wish to plant yours in a container. Consider combining them with snapdragons, violas, and pansies to create a stunning pot that will catch your eye all season.

flowers that love winter
Photo by Old Man Stocker from Shutterstock

8. Snapdragons

Snapdragons are one of the flowers that love winter, but not the harsh ones. The stunning vertical blossoms require frequent watering (one inch per week in the absence of rain), full sun to partial shade, a neutral pH, and well-draining soil. Regularly de-heading your snapdragons will encourage the finest development.

The stunning vertical blossoms require frequent watering (one inch per week in the absence of rain), full sun, but also a bit of shade, a neutral pH, and well-draining soil. Regularly de-heading your snapdragons will encourage the finest development.

9. Christmas rose

The earliest of the hellebores to flower is the Christmas rose, Helleborus niger, which sometimes blooms as early as Christmas but normally appears in January. It grows low, in mounds of leathery, heavy green leaves that are highly appealing to bees. Above the foliage are big, spherical, white flowers with flat faces. It is ideally planted in front of a border that receives some shade.

10. Japanese Skimmia

If you are looking for flowers that love winter, look up Japanese skimmia. These plants have stunning foliage, and the aroma of their blossoms is divine. Japanese Skimmia loves shade, so put it in a place where the sun doesn’t shine all day long. Watering your Japanese Skimmia often is vital since the soil should be kept wet at all times.

11. Skimmia ‘Rubella’

Skimmia rubella is one of the plants that love winter. This plant is a robust, resilient, and evergreen shrub that bears tight pink buds that resemble grapes all winter long. Many other plants that we’ve included on the list complement this one nicely. Skimmia rubella prefers wet, well-drained, acidic soil.

12. Winter aconites

Last but not least, one of the flowers that love winter is the winter aconites. Mid- to late-winter winter aconites have golden yellow, buttercup-like blooms that are good pollinators and are encircled by split leafy bracts.

The first snowdrops to blossom are accompanied by a spectacular golden carpet that soon spreads. It’s ideal for naturalizing in grass or planting under trees. Winter aconites bloom from February to March. These flowers thrive in partial shade, but make sure you place them in a location where they can receive 6 hours of direct sunlight. Be aware that the soil must be moist and well-drained.

Which of these flowers that love winter is your favorite? Or do you have one in your home? Tell us in the comments.

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