7 Plants That Will Thrive Under Any Conditions

Photo by loflo69 at Shuttertock

Russian Sage

This a tough-as-nails perennial that has a cloud of purple flowers to liven up your garden. One thing the Russian sage can’t live without, though, is full sun, which is essential for healthy bloom production.

The beautiful purple color of the Russian Sage goes well with almost any other colors in your garden. While well-drained, sandy soil typically provides a decent support system for these flowers, if they droop under their weight, you should cut the stalks down and begin fresh.

With a relatively long bloom period, from July to September, they’ll brighten up your garden for the entire summer. If you deadhead faded blooms, it could help extend their season even longer.

Hardiness: Zones 5 to 9

Planting: Full sun in well-drained soil

Care: There’s little need to water or feed this plant because it’s incredibly drought-tolerant and prospers in poor soils. They can spread beyond the space you want them to, so you should remove runners when you see them to keep their growth in check.

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