7 Plants That Will Thrive Under Any Conditions

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This plant has become a landscaping staple for office parks, and we understand why! But many don’t know that daylilies have much more to offer than the popular yellow variety.

Even though that’s the most common color you’ll find it in, interesting flower forms and color patterns take the available cultivar number into the thousands.

Fertilization isn’t necessary with this plant. But a deep watering during summer during those dry spells would be very beneficial.

Hardiness: Zones 3 to 10

Planting: Full sun, but can tolerate partial shade. It loves deep, fertile medium-loamy soil but can also tolerate light, sandy or heavy clay.

Care: You should water newly planted daylilies once a week until they take root. Once all of the flowers have blossomed, you can cut the entire scape back to the ground right away, in the fall, or not at all. Just be sure to remove the dead foliage from the previous year’s growth at the beginning of spring before new growth starts again.

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