BEAUMONT Vanessa’s Main Bathroom | The Home Team S3 E33


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Making tile decision to be a bathroom it

can be a really confusing experience I

mean all you have to do is just jump on

pinterest and have a look at the endless

amounts of combinations in styles that

you have to draw inspiration from but

making that final decision can be really

quite difficult we’re about to go have a

look at a bathroom when making that bold

decision on the toll choice has really

paid off so now so this bathroom is

coming together so beautifully I mean

the choices that you’ve made with the

tiles are really really quite smart

because you’ve got this gorgeous matte

satin on the majority of the world but

how this gorgeous feature behind me I’m

loving it this man wonderful i’m so

pleased with it yeah tell me about how

you came to decide on this particular

thailand cutting you know I feel I ghost

a fellow do something and I kept

thinking about it and you know when you

just keep you hear that something and

and I thought you know just going to

have to go with it because the console

TV reality for the day action do you

think that you would have regretted it

later actively yeah I think yeah and I’m

so glad I went with it because um I just

love looking at it and you’re very

pleased the tassel coming together

beautiful but it’s not even finished yet

no no matter what it is I’m going to be

really heavy wow I can’t wait to see

what it looks like when it’s finished I

sort of wanted to make the bathroom on

trend I guess you’d say and also made it

to section 2 of masculine to my two boys

not too girly and you know in my face

but nice for them as well so yeah so now

see your completed after looks so

amazing it really does i mean you know

we’re with you before and sword as it

was being done and these beautiful

bottles where the process is being

assembled and put together but now that

you’ve got all the accessories in and

finish how people are very very happy

fabulous it really is a fabulous

bathroom your brother’s really well

better than ice cream so check this semi

frameless shower screen is selected I

mean it’s a bit of an inspired choice

considering it’s got that black trim

which works oh well with that amazing

shower head that if God and not the most

mainstream know is in the world and it’s

so good it was something that I had seen

and wife and let’s just jump in the deep

in and try and see what it looks like in

our places out here very happy this is a

beautiful little space here just become

as work so well together with this

gorgeous marble bench top and these

beautiful Beaumont holes that you have

behind I love the look of Marvel I think

though the key was not have too much

busyness in the Marvel you know some

marbles are busier than others but it

all came together beautifully yeah it

works so well and I’m let’s talk about

the floor because the floor is very

interesting to me the undertale heating

now that you have it in your life is

that something that you could never live

without getting yeah pretty much

everywhere pretty good once you’ve got

it I don’t think you’d go back with it’s

just one for ya so that’s our level

literacy might be faster and look

amazing and you know what you don’t have

to design background II know this is all

being a happy success stories through

great consultation with Boeing on taking

some beautiful pieces and also go in

with what you like and doing your

research yes if you have an idea of what

you want they say do a bit of research

within the team at by months you know

how we put it all together and how

couldn’t be happier it’s worked out

really well well I’d be happy to take a

shower at your bathroom anytime right

for the world