Hand Painted Pots


Terracotta pots
Paint in colours of your choice
Masking tape
Baking paper
Lazy susan (optional)
A plant for each pot
Potting mix


  1. Prepare your pots, make sure they are clean and ready for painting. Lay down the baking paper onto your table or lazy susan (if using).
  2. Mask off your sections in your desired pattern and paint two coats with your choice of base colours.
  3. Allow to dry completely for an hour and then carefully peel off masking tape.
  4. If you’d like to paint the areas covered up by the masking tape, apply fresh tape on either side of the unpainted terracotta, paint two coats with your desired colour, allow to dry for another hour and carefully peel off.
  5. Once completely dry.


  • Let your colours dry before putting tape on top.
  • Brush strokes for each block of colour need to all go in the same direction.
  • Paint neatly around the top rim of your pot. This may mean painting inside the rim.
  • Choose the right plant for your pot, something that will stand out in your pot. Succulents and ferns are great as they have good colour and texture.