5 Things You Should Clean Every Day (but Don’t)


Did you know these things you should clean every day but not everyone does?

You have probably had the thought that there are things you should clean every day, but did you expect it to be truer than you ever imagined? While we all strive to keep our homes as clean as possible, it is normal that some things evade you or you forget to clean. However, certain things need to be cleaned every day, and we bet that there are some you barely clean weekly!

Why is it so important to clean every day? Well, these particular spots or items have a tendency to get dirtier than others, and when you end up having to spend a whole weekend cleaning, things end up seeming like they are never-ending.

This is why there are certain spots you should never neglect when it comes to cleaning on a daily basis, as when you have to do a deeper cleaning, you will not have to worry about them.

What’s more, if you clean every day, you can avoid certain items becoming a festering spot for bacteria and even mold, and you can make your life easier in the long run as you can prevent any items from breaking down or needing to be repaired or even replaced!

If you are ready to make your life easier and ensure that your home stays sparkly clean, make sure you keep on reading!

Is there any item or spot in your home that you have seen that benefits from everyday cleaning? Let us know your experience in the comments below!

clean every day
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Make sure you do not skip the cooktop!

Mostly, we all end up doing the dishes after we have cooked and finished dinner. For me personally, it has become a bit of a ritual: we cook, we eat, and then I do the dishes with my spouse, then one of us cleans the table while the other wipes down the cooktop.

It is a bit baffling when I end up hearing that people do not do this, and it is one of the most important spots to clean every day! The cooktop, depending on what you have been cooking, is going to get dirty, and if you do not want to have to scrub away days-old grime later, it is better to stay on top of things by wiping it down every day.

What’s more, if there is a mess that crusts up on the surface, it can easily become a fire hazard, and you do not want to put your home on fire. Keep your kitchen looking spotless and not grimy and your home safe with this easy extra step!

Speaking of the kitchen, do not miss the sink either!

This is one of the places in the home that you do not think about that often, or until it starts to smell and you have to deep clean it.

While it is always good to schedule a time to deep clean your sink, you should not be sleeping on the idea that you should do some everyday cleaning either. The little thing you should add to your routine is wiping down your sink after you are done with the dishes.

This is because a lot of people are doing it already and it opens up two issues.

One is that it is not that hard to do this after you have finished doing the dishes, and it will keep your sink spotless and bacteria-free in the long run. The second one is that once you start doing this, you can easily pinpoint it when other people do not do it.

When we realized that there are people who can easily recognize the fact that you are not wiping down your kitchen sink and that ours stains extremely easily, we did not miss this step.

Not to mention, once you start doing it daily, you end up having to clean less when you deep clean your sink, with fewer stains and other issues to tackle. It’s worth the extra few moments to wipe down after doing the dishes.

clean every day
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Do not ignore your plants!

Speaking of items you should clean every day, there are certain plants to which you may have to do this! Not all plants are the same, but there are a few that require you to also wipe down their leaves in addition to sticking to a certain watering schedule.

It does not mean that all your plants will need you to do this, and some do not need it done every day, but it is a nice habit to get into if you have plants with big leaves. These big, gorgeous green leaves are actually magnets for stray dust and other kinds of buildup, and they can easily make your home seem unkempt.

It is easier to just wipe them down every other day with a damp cloth (as they do not need anything fancy). Make sure your plants need this before doing it, and believe me, the ones that do will thank you!

Make sure you spritz your bed!

I will assume that you are trying to make your bed almost every day, but you should not forget to use a linen spray when you do so! Let me tell you why this is a great thing to do and why you should not skip it.

Is there a better feeling than getting inside clean sheets at the end of a long day? Exactly! Nothing is quite like that feeling, and while your sheets may not be up for a change, the clean smell they once had probably faded, as many fabric softeners are bound to do. A great way to make sure that your linens are always fresh like you just took them out of the laundry, is to use a natural linen spray.

By using this type of spray as you make your bed, you will be greeted by an amazing smell when you are ready to go to sleep, and it will also help you think about when was the last time you did your sheets. As much as we all try to abide by the one-week mark, we have all let them sit on the bed for two weeks and even more by accident!

We all like different scents when it comes to bedding, but some room sprays are better than others! This one is my spouse and I’s favorite one, made with essential oil, and we get them in packs of two from Amazon! Affordable and amazing-smelling!

clean every day
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Do not forget the drain!

The shower drain is probably not one of the places that you clean daily, but you should make sure that after you are done with the shower, the drain is clean.

You may not think it is needed, but if you or your spouse have long hair or if you have a pet that you give baths to, you do not want to have to deal with a huge clog down the line from extra hair. Remove it while it is still easy to do so, even if it is a little gross.

Believe me, you do not want to deal with a mass of soap scum, hair, pet hair, and all types of drain gunk that have effectively clogged your shower. It is better to not have to resort to a drain snake and cleaning after your shower; even if it is just quickly removing hair and debris and rinsing the area, it will do miracles in the long run!

Also, if you do not have one, get a drain protector; it will save you time and help you clean up the long hairs that are stuck in it!

And if we are still on the topic of showers, if you have windows, make sure that you squeeze them after you finish your shower. I know it’s annoying, but the more you leave water on those doors, the more you leave room for mold to fester and for rust to appear, so do yourself a favor and use a squeegee.

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