These 10 Tropical Plants Will Thrive Indoors With Minimal Effort

tropical plants
Photo by BrittanyNY from Shutterstock

Tropical plants can add flair and color to your house, even if you live in a rather cold climate. While some tropical indoor plants are popular for their eye-popping flowers, others are known for their large, variegated, or unusually patterned leaves.

Contrary to popular belief, tropical plants aren’t always as challenging to grow as they seem, while others are a little fussy until they’re happy with their level of light, moisture, and humidity. Most of these plants need an indoor humidity level between 50 and 60% in order to grow.

However, if the humidity in your house doesn’t meet this necessary condition, you can always place your tropical plant in your laundry room, kitchen, or bathroom, where there’s normally a natural level of humidity.

So, if growing a tropical plant (or several) indoors sounds tempting to you, here are some popular choices to choose from!

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