11 Useful Christmas Cleaning Tips to Get the Job Done Easier!


Check out these amazing Christmas cleaning tips! 

Did someone say Christmas and the winter holidays? While this has to be the season of jolly and all things nice, there is a tiny detail that keeps standing along the way: cleaning! We know this is stressful for everyone. That’s why we’ve made a list of Christmas cleaning tips that will get your job done in less than an hour.

It’s one thing to be ready for the holiday festivities; it’s another to have a plan to quickly clean up any mess that happens during the day. The first piece of advice is as follows:

Christmas cleaning tips
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1. Start as early as possible at least two days prior

If you want to have a clean house in no time, there is no way you can have it if you don’t start earlier! This is probably one of the first Christmas cleaning tips that’s mandatory to follow. Start your housekeeping duties a few days ahead of time. We’ll dissect a holiday cleaning routine that greatly simplifies seasonal cleaning in the lines that follow. When the big day comes, all that will be left will be a little last-minute sparkle from completing a few key duties.

Then walk through the entire house and imagine you are the guest. Watch everything from another perspective and make notes on what you must improve. Maybe it’s a bookcase that needs a little tidying or some randomly cluttered corners. If you have multiple family members living with you, make sure you assign each other a task. This way, you will get things done easier!

2. Dust every area

Everything will feel fresh and clean after dusting all surfaces with a wet cloth. You will even inhale clean air instead of dust-polluted air. Dusting your home’s surfaces will also aid in the removal of dead skin cells.

Remember to dust below gadgets and other household equipment, in addition to all other surfaces. You don’t have to unplug and shift everything to do this. Dust on different surfaces and electronics should be easily removed by wiping with a wet cloth.

3. Don’t forget to vacuum!

Among the Christmas cleaning tips, vacuuming is the most important to make the job easier. After you dust every surface in your house, use the vacuum to tackle every nook and cranny. Take care to cover every area.

4. Swipe the ceilings

While spiders are supposed to bring good luck in the new year, it’s better to take care of the cobwebs before your guests notice them! Use your vacuum brush head or a feather duster to sweep the ceilings.

This will help in removing any cobwebs or dust that are hanging from your ceiling. It’s important to remember to clean the chandeliers as well, especially if your Christmas tree is big and everybody’s attention is going to be focused on its shiny stars that reach the ceilings. So add this to the list of Christmas cleaning tips!

5. Clean the windows

With all the Christmas decorations you’re planning to put on the windows, it’s mandatory to clean them too even if it isn’t a pleasant task. The brightness and sparkle of twinkling lights enhance the beauty of a spotless and well-maintained window. Using a damp towel and some soapy water, clean your windows. If the task is way too hard, you can ask for professional help.

6. Mind the entryway too

When making the list of Christmas cleaning tips, it is very important to tackle the entryway too to make sure it will look spotless for your guests. Make space in the coat closet for visitors’ coats by organizing it. Put on more hangers if necessary. Give the rug (if you have one) a good vacuum and a thorough wash as well.

7. Deep-clean the kitchen

Give your kitchen a makeover for the holiday season by cleaning the cooktop, oven, cupboard, flooring, and countertops. After cleaning the cabinet’s outside, replace the worn-out newspapers with fresh ones. Trim them to the ideal size. Wipe the cabinets’ front and back with a moist cloth.

Then move forward to the fridge. With all the food that you’re going to cook, cleaning the fridge is probably one of the most important Christmas cleaning tips. Cleanse it by wiping down the outside and interior. For the stove, dishwasher, microwave, and any other kitchen appliances, repeat these steps. If at all feasible, take them out of the wall to access your kitchen’s secret spaces. Make room in your kitchen. There are going to be a lot of events there!

8. Deep clean the bathroom too!

Take out the cleaning tools and give the master bathroom a thorough cleaning. Mop the floors, clean the carpets and towels, and wipe down the walls. Clean the shower and toilet, and disinfect the counter and sink. Even though it’s your bathroom, there’s a good chance someone else will be using it, especially if you’re expecting a lot of guests!

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Christmas cleaning tips
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9. Leave the living room as the final cleaning task

This is a lesson I’ve learned in the past few years, and if you want to keep everything in order until your guests come, add this hack to the list of Christmas cleaning tips. After you tackled every room in the house, you’re finally in the living room. The most important area of the house is here because here you’ll be greeting your guests.

Make sure to clean up all the trash and declutter the living room. Recycle magazines and newspapers. If necessary, water the plants. Clean the blinds or drapes and wash them. Mop or vacuum. Handle any stains on the carpet or textiles. Last but not least, one of the Christmas cleaning tips for the living room is to dust. Leave dusting for the last moment!

10. Pack the emergency cleaning items

Whether somebody is spilling something on the floor, on the mat, or even on the tablecloth, you have to be ready to tackle the dirt immediately. That’s why one of the most important Christmas cleaning tips is to have on hand an emergency tool kit for stain removal.

The tool kit must include clean cloths, salt, some white vinegar, and a bottle of rubbing alcohol. Put them in a basket and keep it close to the dinner table. You never know when somebody will stain the napkins with some lipstick or spill some coffee on the tablecloth. It’s better to act immediately to make sure the dirt will be removed accordingly.

11. Ask for professional help if needed

Since Christmas and the end-of-year holidays are usually filled with a lot of stress too, if you feel overwhelmed and can’t get the job done on your own, don’t be afraid to ask for professional help! There are plenty of professional home cleaners who are ready to be on duty! Plus, they have specialized cleaning solutions and better tools than you. It will cost a bit, but at least in the end, the house will be sparkling clean.

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