6 Best Plants to Keep Deer Away From Your Garden

keep deer away
Image By Bruceton From Shutterstock

Were you wondering how you can keep deer away from your garden, especially your plants?

We all love Bambi (despite the movie being quite sad and tragic), yet sometimes we do want to keep deer away from our own gardens. As cute as these animals can be, they can also be a true pest when it comes to coming into your garden and eating your plants, shrubs, and trees when they are hungry.

In the end, it is also because their habitat has been limited over the years, but when you take into consideration the fact that they can easily wreak havoc in your garden, using repellants is not always as effective as advertised. Not to mention, those are usually made out of chemicals that can harm your plants and sometimes yourself, and they can end up being bad for your own animals and even for the deer.

A great way to keep deer away from your garden is to make sure you also plant some plants that they are adverse to near the place they gain entrance to your property. Be it their smell or taste, these plants are generally successful in keeping these cute animals away. Yet, you have to keep in mind that they are not deer-proof; if the winter is harsh or they are extremely used to your garden, they may get past them.

However, if you are ready to try the natural repellants and hope for the best outcome out of them all, make sure you keep on reading to discover the best plants that keep away deer!

Do you have problems with Bambi? Let us know how you have deterred them from coming to your property in the comments below!

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