11 Incredible Calming Plants for Your Bedroom


Create a surreal atmosphere with these calming plants for your bedroom: 

For me, the bedroom is my favorite room in the house. Even if I see it less often than I want to, whenever I step in, it calms me and soothes my senses. Last year, I spent a lot of time decorating, redecorating, and changing the overall ambiance.

Besides buying completely new furniture, I also added a bit of greenery to it (not only to the walls). I found some tiny plants that were so cute that I couldn’t leave the store without buying them, so I said, Why not? Since then, I have become a plant mother! In addition to offering visual appeal, plants may also have a relaxing and uplifting influence on your mood and physically bring more life (oxygen) into your space.

But before you go crazy and start buying new plants, keep reading my article to see which plants are nice for your bedroom.

plants for your bedroom
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One of the best plants for your bedroom is philodendron. This plant grows quickly and has lovely heart-shaped leaves with a strong green color that gives the bedroom the appearance and sensation of a small jungle. Place it or hang it close to a window, since they prefer medium-bright indirect light.

Depending on the conditions in the house, philodendrons tend to dry out in between waterings, which might happen every seven to ten days. One thing that I love about this plant is that it can display when it is ready for water because the leaves start to droop and curl inward. This is their way of telling us, “Hey human, I am thirsty!”

Ficus Tineke

If you want to add a bit of greenery to your bedroom, go for the ficus tineke. The eye-catching pink, green, and yellow foliage of this low-maintenance plant will liven up any bedroom. When it develops, this plant may grow to be well over 5 feet tall, making it the ideal statement plant. It will be a vibrant addition to your bedroom as long as it receives plenty of sunlight.

Because ficus tineke, like money trees, cannot survive in low light, they require strong light to flourish. As a ficus parent, I also advise watering the plant when the soil has almost dried up entirely.


A person with anxiety will always seek calm in their living space, particularly in the bedroom. If you know you are dealing with this problem, one of the best plants for your bedroom is jasmine. Its scent has an extraordinary stress-reducing effect, helps you fall asleep easier, and reduces anxiety.

These adorable water-loving plants are so easy to keep healthy and happy; the only thing you need to do is keep the soil moist, but never overdo the watering! Place it near your window, and from time to time, remember to talk to it. I’ve noticed that my baby Jasmine looks prettier since I started doing that every day!

Snake Plant

If you never had any plants in your house and you know just the bare minimum on how to take care of them, one of the best plants for your bedroom is the snake plant. Because of their extreme adaptability, snake plants may grow in a variety of lighting conditions, from low, indirect light to bright afternoon sunlight. Water the soil only until it has completely dried up; in the spring and summer, this can be done every one to two weeks, or every two to three weeks during the cold season.

Furthermore, snake plants work their magic and purify the air overnight, which is a big plus for those who can’t afford an air purifier and live in polluted areas of the country.

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Ficus Lyrata

When it comes to greenery suitable for your bedroom space, Ficus Lyrata might be a good choice. Its massive, sculpture-like leaves lend a calm, tropical atmosphere to your bedroom. However, I wouldn’t suggest adopting this plant if you’re a novice, as it might be a little challenging to care for.

plants for your bedroom
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English Ivy

If you want to adopt an English Ivy for your bedroom, make sure you have a place where you can hang it since it will grow quite a bit. The best thing about this quick grower plant is that it doesn’t need too much: Just plant the seed in well-draining soil, provide strong indirect light, and water when the top 2 inches of soil are dry.

Peace Lily

Living up to its name, “peace lily” is among the best greenery for your bedroom. Besides being a lovely addition to any type of room (big or small), peace lilies are also pretty easy to grow. Keep it in a bright spot, but never in direct sunlight. The soil must be well-drained, and water the soil when the upper part is a tad dry. Consider adding fertilizer to help it grow healthier.

Additionally, if you suffer from dry nasal passages, the peace lily may be helpful since it raises the humidity level within.


Fan of greenery, but you’re a beginner? Hoya is here for you! Hoya has an extensive range of leaf forms and bloom types. Although they grow like hanging vines, you can also use the smaller ones as tiny potted plants in corners. Looking to enhance your bedroom’s look with a statement piece? Hoya can easily replace a vase or any other ornament.

Spider Plant

Similar to snake plants, spider plants also produce oxygen at night, making them a wonderful bedtime addition. Their tall, cascading leaves and variegated foliage make them visually stunning as well.

Tip: Make sure the soil drains well, place your spider plant in low to bright indirect light, and water it when the top two inches of soil get dry.

ZZ Plant

If your bedroom isn’t exactly the brightest because you have few windows or you mostly keep your curtains down for privacy, ZZ Plant is going to like that. It thrives in low-to-moderate light conditions, and it can be a great ornamental accent for your space as it grows quickly and needs minimal care.

Water it every two or three weeks and allow the soil to dry a bit more between waterings. The ZZ plant will wrinkle its leaves every time it is thirsty. I also recommend adding a bit of fertilizer from time to time!

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is a much easier plant to care for than other plants on our list, so consider getting one for your bedroom. You’ll feel more at ease just thinking about having therapeutic aloe vera in your bedroom. Aloe vera is one of those amazing plants for your bedroom that not only benefits your skin but also aids in promoting a night of restful sleep.

Because of its low watering needs, it may be kept with little upkeep, yet its leaves are best kept in bedrooms with lots of light. So, in case you forget to water it for a month, don’t worry! It won’t die.

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