Skip These 8 Home Trends That Are Going out of Style in 2024


Which outdated home trends should we leave in 2023?

Home décor trends are constantly coming and going. With design styles constantly evolving, it can be challenging to stay on top of what’s in and what’s on its way out. While some trends will always remain timeless (like marble finishes and vintage furniture), what’s stylish now may not remain all the rage for very long.

Sure, engaging in the latest trends can be fun, and the term “outdated” can be subjective depending on your personal taste. In other words, if there’s a home trend on this list that you enjoy having in your house, then by all means, flaunt it.

However, if you’re ready for a bedroom décor update, a living room refresh, or just want to liven up your kitchen, we spoke with interior designers about outdated home trends you may want to leave in 2023.

Without further ado, let’s find out more!

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1. All white

Neutral spaces are quickly becoming a thing of the past as interior designers are choosing bright accent colors, more earthy textures, and bold patterns. Ashley Macuga, principal designer at Collected Interiors, explains that, in a world of continued unpredictability, clients seek out spaces that feel warm and lived in.

According to her, rooms drenched in stark shades can feel frigid if not layered with texture and feel less liveable for the average family. Plus, pattern and color add welcomed energy to a room, making it an inviting space you’ll want to cozy up in.

So, keeping everything or most of a room white isn’t the way to go in 2024, and it’s definitely one of those outdated home trends we should leave behind.

2. Wall-to-wall carpeting

Another example of outdated home trends for 2024 is conventional wall-to-wall carpeting. Once a popular choice among homeowners, it’s gradually losing its appeal, according to experts. The reason? Its vulnerability to stains, demanding maintenance requirements, and susceptibility to wear and tear.

Sol Kruk, a licensed home inspector, says that, instead, homeowners are turning to flooring options that deliver both practicality and style. She points out that hardwood floors, for example, offer an elegant, timeless look and are easier to clean and maintain.

Laminate flooring also provides affordability and durability, while eco-friendly options like cork and bamboo not only contribute to sustainability but also lend the space a modern, natural aesthetic.

3. Matching everything

If you have a penchant for matching your decor in a room—everything from wall color to furniture to curtains—you’ll want to rethink that approach because it’s one of those outdated home trends you should forget about in 2024.

Professional interior designers are opting for a more personalized and eclectic strategy when it comes to decorating spaces. According to them, this design shift embraces the idea of combining different patterns, colors, and textures within a room. This aims to add character and depth to the environment, resulting in a visually appealing and stimulating space.

Instead of matching your sofa with your rugs just because some trend dictates it, you should let your creativity run wild and avoid the uniform and predictable appearance that often accompanies perfectly matched decor.

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4. Open floor plan

Open floor plans are next on the list of outdated home trends for 2024. Interior designers believe that these lost their gloss at the peak of the pandemic. Cody Rudolph, a real estate marketer, says that this home trend is slowly going the way of dinosaurs: extinct, outdated, and kaput.

The reason is that rehabbers and real estate developers nationwide are under pressure from a growing number of millennial homebuyers to dial back on the wide-open spaces and reincorporate fun and functional rooms.

As a result, open floor plans will be among the most outdated home trends in 2024, as dining rooms, offices, reading rooms, game rooms, and breakfast nooks are all already soaring in demand.

Thanks to staggering inflation and remote work, lots of millennials are working from home, cooking and entertaining at home, and exercising at home. With so much time spent indoors, buyers seek dedicated spaces, meaning walls, to make their homes more exciting and multi-faceted.

Read on to discover other outdated home trends!

5. Carpeted bathrooms

Carpeted bathrooms are also becoming a phenomenon of the past. Not only can they be hard to clean and maintain, but they can also trap moisture and lead to mildew and mold issues.

Moreover, interior designers say that people seem fed up with this bathroom style. Instead, many opt for tile or other waterproof flooring alternatives that feature both a touch of elegance and a practical function.

Carpeting a bathroom may be among the outdated home trends in 2024, but it definitely has some advantages, like offering a non-slip surface when getting out of the shower. Aesthetically, some homeowners prefer the look of carpet in their bathrooms, and some interior designers are reintroducing them into modern houses, but they are doing so cautiously.

Some are covering a section of the bathroom floor with carpet and avoiding portions that are likely to get damp (like near the sink).

6. Accent walls

Accent walls became popular when the modern farmhouse style was trending. According to interior designers, the accent wall concept was a simple way to add color or texture to a space without fully committing.

As experts move towards bolder styles, this approach joins the group of outdated home trends we should leave behind. Many homeowners now opt for a more cohesive color palette throughout the house for a seamless and contemporary look.

Don’t shy away from painting all walls and ceilings the same color or adding wallpaper to an entire room. This gives the environment an intentional sense of depth that an accent wall will never achieve.

outdated home trends
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7. Brown granite countertops

Real stone countertops will always look more elegant and high-end than laminate, but the color you pick can also make a big difference. So, if you’re thinking of changing your kitchen countertop sometime in the near future and want to avoid outdated home trends, you may want to read this.

Stephanie Duncan, senior home designer at Opendoor, says that in the real estate company’s 2023 home decor report, outdated kitchen cabinets or countertops were a turn-off for 41% of home buyers. She points out that now there’s a tendency to associate beige, tan, or brown granite and tile countertops with an outdated house, in comparison to a quartz countertop, for example.

8. Themed bedrooms

While we can agree that themed bedrooms can be lovely, they don’t necessarily age well. According to interior designers, overly coordinated or overly themed bedrooms can look outdated as trends in design constantly change.

Extravagantly themed decor, like nautical wallpaper and floral patterns excessively incorporated in a room, can quickly date a space, experts point out. Similar to other outdated home trends, this is an approach that will go out of style in 2024.

Rather, go for low-commitment elements of your favorite themes to make sure that your space is both fresh and fun. For instance, if you’re obsessed with “mermaidcore,” try choosing a bunch of accent pieces, like an aqua side table, or a pearlescent lamp (here are some lovely options), rather than overloading your entire space with ocean-themed decor.

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