5 Easy Cleaning Hacks That Everyone Can Do!


Have you heard of or tried these easy cleaning hacks before?

When it comes to cleaning hacks, there seems to be a plethora out there, and you cannot know who to trust anymore! Indeed, the internet has helped us get information more easily, but in the end, it has not done much to help us combat misinformation.

With the rise of social media, you see everyone telling you to do this or that as a cleaning hack, but which ones can you truly trust?

While everything can be given a fair shot, some of those “cleaning hacks” are not actually useful, and it is better not to try everything that comes on your feed.

Despite this, there are a couple of things that are considered cleaning hacks that actually do work. The ones we have brought you here have been tried and true, some of which have been passed down to us by mothers and grandmothers!

Get ready to leave your house spotless with these easy-to-do cleaning hacks that left even us asking, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

What are your favorite cleaning hacks? Where have you heard of them? Let us know your answers in the comments!

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Use rubber gloves to get rid of pet hair.

If you have a furry friend, you know just how annoying that fur can get when it comes to cleaning day. As much as we love our pets, we cannot deny that cleaning their fur, especially if they have a long coat, can be a gruesome task at times.

This is why we have brought you this easy-to-use cleaning hack that will get all the shedding fur off your upholstery in a matter of minutes.

All you need is a pair of rubber gloves and then to run them over the fur-infested furniture or spot! The fur will adhere to the rubber and get off the furniture easily. Even more, it works in the car as well!

To get off the fur from the gloves, you can submerge them in a bowl with water; the fur will float to the surface, and you can throw it away easily.

However, if your couch is full of pet fur, the easiest way is to get out of the vacuum and invest in an upholstery tool; it will get rid of it much easier, and it will not damage the furniture or the vacuum.

Use lemons on wooden butcher blocks and cutting boards.

Do you have a wooden cutting board, but the idea of using harsh chemicals or soap on the wood unsettles you?

Since wood can absorb the liquids that get put on it, a lot of us are reticent about using harsh soaps or chemicals to clean these durable cutting boards, as they can get transferred to the wood if not rinsed well.

So why not go down the natural cleaning route and use some lemons and coarse salt to clean them instead?

All you will need is half a lemon (use the cut side on the board) and coarse salt, along with some elbow grease.

Sprinkle the salt onto the board and rub it into the board with the lemon, then let it sit for a few minutes. After the time is up, widen it down, scrape, or rinse the board with water.

It will get rid of any leftover grime or odor from the cutting board, and the best thing is that you do not need to use a fresh lemon either!

If you squeezed some for a recipe earlier, it will work just fine as long as you have not gotten rid of all the juice in it!

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DIY natural carpet deodorizer.

One thing you may have noticed after you do a deep cleaning of the home is that it tends to lose that clean smell pretty fast. If you like to have nicely-smelling living spaces when you’ve got carpet, we’ve got your back.

All you will need is to mix together about four tablespoons of baking soda with up to fifteen drops of essential oils of your choice (with a minimum of five and adding so that you get the intensity that you desire; you can even mix together several of them to get the scent you want).

The easiest way to mix them is to add them to a jar and shake it vigorously until it is well mixed.

Then sprinkle the mixture on your freshly cleaned carpets and let it sit for about an hour.
After the time is up, vacuum the mixture and enjoy your fragrant and clean-smelling space!

Make sure you do not allow kids or animals on the carpet in the meantime, as essential oils can harm animals, and you do not want small children to accidentally ingest the mixture, even if it is fairly harmless.

Whether you want to give this hack a try or you have a diffuser, we recommend that you use high-quality essential oils to get the best fragrances. These ones you can get on Amazon are our favorites, and they are both affordable and smell amazing!

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Water stains? Say goodbye to them with vinegar.

A lot of us love a long, hot shower. And whether or not that is good for your skin, your water bill, or the environment is a debate for another day!

The bottom line is that we all enjoy one from time to time. And that’s when we end up noticing things about the shower that bother us!

In my case, it was during one of these longer showers that I saw water stains all over the steel taps and shower heads, even if they were made of stainless steel.

Indeed, nothing is safe from hard water. The good news is that this cleaning hack got rid of them easily!

You just need plain old white distilled vinegar, a plastic bag for the showerhead, and some elbow grease for the taps.

For the shower head, you can easily put it in a bag with vinegar until it is submerged and tie it around it.

Leave it to sit like that for a couple of hours, and then rinse it at the end. It should have dissolved most of the stains, and you can easily polish it with a microfiber cloth or paper towel.

For the taps, since you cannot take them off, you can easily rub out the stains, and if they are a bit stubborn, add some baking soda to the mix! No more water stains!

Make floors spotless with the use of tea!

Yes, you read that right. If you have hardwood floors, a black tea mixture may be the solution for getting that gentle sheen on them without having to spend a fortune on cleaning supplies.

The tannins in the tea can end up giving them the sheen you desire, and this cleansing method is a non-toxic and fairly cheap way to clean your floors.

Not to mention, some studies suggest that black tea compounds can inhibit microbial growth, so you may be onto something there!

Just be careful if you have light floors, as the tea can end up staining them; avoid them completely if you have super light ones!

Either way, you do not have to use too much tea on the floors for this to work. Boil four to six cups of water, and then steep two black tea bags in them for about 10 minutes.

After removing the tea bags, let the mixture cool completely, then use the mixture on the floor with a cleaning pad or a mop.

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