19 Hacks to Turn Your Small Bathroom Into a Spa

Photo by Risen20019 from Shutterstock

Consider candles

Make sure you don’t overlook the power of lighting when you create a relaxing ambiance in your home spa. Candles might instantly enhance the mood, which will allow you to relax after a long day. Here are the candles that we dearly recommend to anyone, anytime!

Reduce the visual clutter.

Bathrooms, especially if they are modest, could get cluttered with basic products. You can create the illusion of a spacious sanctuary by placing products behind doors and bins. Try to look for useful containers with a clean and simple design, and then opt for quality materials like glass, wood, and stone.

Add a light dimmer.

If you don’t have the needed amount of candles or you’d rather go for something scent-free, try dimming the lights. Maybe it will help you relax and detach. You can swap out the regular light bulbs for lower-wattage ones and even install a dimmer to adjust the lighting.

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