19 Hacks to Turn Your Small Bathroom Into a Spa

Photo by Elena Elisseeva from Shutterstock

Add a bathtub caddy.

If you currently have a bathtub sans caddy, then you are definitely missing out on some spa vibes. This easy and efficient addition could ultimately make a big impression. Besides, it comes in different shapes and styles, from reclaimed wood to lucite. Trust me, finding one to suit your style won’t be too much trouble.

Magical shelving

Shelving is the small space dweller’s best friend, especially when it comes to various organizational challenges like a small bathroom. You could simply install a couple of tiers of open shelving on your walls, then add some baskets for towels, fancy soaps, and a decorative accent or two. You will instantly get a spa retreat.

Add your favorite artwork.

Let’s be honest: artwork makes a living room or bedroom design way more dynamic, and the same goes for a bathroom. Integrating a large print and a gallery wall might add a dimensional layer of intrigue to your design, which will also make it seem more complete and welcoming.

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