12 Must-Have Mosquito Repellent Plants for Outdoor Spaces


If you dislike bug-repellent sprays, try planting these mosquito repellent plants in your garden! 

Yikes, mosquitoes! Besides the fact that they carry around plenty of diseases, mosquitoes are also gross to have around. The rainy season brings with it the approach of spring, which is always nice. What spring brings, and subsequently the inevitable heat of summer, is far less unwanted. From their eggs deposited in the ponds across the area, mosquitoes gather. Pleasant, huh?

Can you keep mosquitoes away? Yes, but only if you interrupt their lifecycle by growing a few mosquito repellent plants. You have to put them where people sit, which is frequently by doors or next to benches, seats, and other such areas, for them to be effective.

Mosquito Repellent Plants
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1. Basil

My first choice when it comes to mosquito repellent plants is basil. This aromatic herb is ideal for southern settings since it is easy to grow and thrives in hot, humid weather. Its green leaves are a common feature in kitchens all around the world. Once planted, basil prefers moist soil, so it needs full light and frequent watering.

The strong fragrance of basil particularly repulses mosquitoes, so pick the kind that will blend in best with your landscape. As long as both plants fulfill the same conditions, you may grow basil alone or in combination with other flowers, both in containers and in the garden.

2. Lavender

Did you ever notice that no animal tries to destroy lavender? This is mostly because of its lovely scent which is produced by the essential oils that the plant’s leaves contain. But most of the insects, including mosquitoes hate the scent. There is also a claim that lavender oil impairs mosquito sense of smell!

Being super easy to take care of, lavender just needs full light and appropriate drainage. If you’re living in a warmer area of the country, don’t worry because it is also drought-resistant. Although it can survive in a variety of conditions, it prefers warmer climates. So, I guess it’s safe to say that lavender is one of the best mosquito repellent plants that you must grow in your garden.

3. Sage

If you enjoy hosting parties around your outdoor fire pit, consider planting some sage close by. The earthy scent of the plant will keep pests away if you throw some of it into the fire. Additionally, sage may be dried and used to create a DIY mosquito repellent.

4. Catmint (or catnip)

You will be surprised that among the mosquito repellent plants is also the famous catnip. Because of its lemony scent, it will ward off every little creepy insect that’s hunting your house. This plant is from the mint family and thrives in almost every environment. It may even begin to spread to other parts of your garden because it is so simple to care for. Full light, some shade, and moderate to frequent watering are all it needs.

5. Garlic

Yes, it is no surprise that mosquitoes hate strong scents, so planting some garlic in your garden will be a brilliant idea. The smell of garlic lingers long, whether it is chopped, cooked, or eaten. This property—the strength of the oily, pungent allicin component formed when garlic cloves are broken down—makes it sticky to fingers, utensils, and breath, and it may be used as a mosquito repellant.

Garlic bulbs should be planted in your garden, and they should receive frequent watering and full light.

6. Allium

A strong scent that repels mosquitoes is released by these bulbs, which include onions and garlic. You will love the quirky globe-shaped allium blossoms that appear to float on long, thin stalks. These plants are also easy to take care of; just make sure the soil is well-drained and you plant them in an area full of sun.

7. Scented Geranium

There are a lot of different kinds of scented geraniums. They have fragrant leaves and beautiful blooms. Mosquitoes are totally repulsed by the aroma of lime geranium (Pelargonium nervosum) and Prince of Orange geranium (Pelargonium citrosum). Other species, such as peppermint and geranium, also have strong fragrances that might be useful in this garden project.

Mosquito Repellent Plants
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8. Lemongrass

If you are looking for a perennial that loves full sun and regular watering, buy lemongrass seeds. Living up to its name, this mosquito repellent plant has a strong lemony scent that’s also widely used for cooking in South Asia.

So besides keeping all the annoying mosquitoes away, you can also grow them to dry the leaves later on for kitchen use. I am not going to tell you how delicious the chicken breast will be if you add lemongrass to the marinade, you just have to discover for yourself. *wink, wink*

9. Marigold

A mosquito-repellent fragrance is released by marigolds, an annual flower that is easy to grow. To keep pests out, plant them in pots and put them close to your patio or front door. Vegetable gardens and borders are common places to include marigolds.

In addition to keeping mosquitoes away, they might repel whiteflies, thrips, and aphids.

Besides planting the mosquito repellent plants I mentioned above, you must also take care of other stuff in your garden. Like regularly taking the trash out and cleaning the water if you have a pool, for example, because mosquitoes can deposit hundreds of eggs in even a modest mouthful of still water.

I also use essential oils that are also super useful to keep mosquitoes away. I recommend you check out this set of six blends for diffusers. Lavender, Lemongrass, Peppermint, Orange, and Tea Tree is my favorite combo, and it costs $9.95 on Amazon. 

10. Mint

If, besides mosquitoes, you are also “visited” by ants and flies during the summer, mint is the best repellent. Mint has a pleasant smell for humans, but insects aren’t so delighted about it.  The stronger the scent, the fewer insects you’ll have. Plus, the plant is going to spread so fast; three are more than enough to plant if you have a rather small garden. Plant it in pots on your patio so that you can reach it easily, and take a few leaves for your afternoon tea.

Furthermore, you can also dry a couple of leaves and use them indoors as another DIY pest repellent.

11. Rosemary

Among the best mosquito repellent plants is rosemary. The delightful aroma of rosemary has a dual purpose: it attracts pollinators while fighting bugs. Rosemary flourishes in pots and thrives best in hot and dry regions making them perfect for places with harsh winters. They also make excellent borders or decorations when grown in various sizes and forms.

Same as lemongrass, you may savor the herb’s aroma and use it to season your favorite dishes while the bugs are away.

12. Bee Balm

Last but not least is the bee balm. Living up to its name, this is another mosquito repellent plant that keeps all the bad bugs away and attracts the good ones, like butterflies and bees. It’s super easy to take care of, and it will add a splash of color to your garden.

When the flowers are in full bloom, crush their leaves to help them release the fragrant oils. More benefits? You will get to have these flowers throughout the entire summer season.

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