7 Tips to Sell Your Furniture for Monthly Profit


Do you want to sell your furniture to make extra money? See here how! 

Do you find yourself going to the flea market regularly? Hi five, then! I always loved digging through old treasures, looking for precious items that other people give away or sell because they simply don’t need them anymore. Almost six years ago, I started looking for tips on how to sell furniture online because I needed an extra income.

If you want to learn from my experience and you also want to sell your furniture, you’re in the right place! In this article for The Home Team, I will cover all the things you must do to be a successful seller and gain the trust of your buyers in the blink of an eye. This is how you sell your furniture, step by step:

sell your furniture
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1. Know the exact value of your furniture

If you want to sell your furniture and earn the money you want for it, then you have to keep in mind a few details about this matter. Before choosing anything at the flea market, you should check to see how well it has been maintained. Whether it has any significant damage or not. Next, before making a purchase, conduct some research to determine the furniture’s worth and evaluate the costs.

Never settle for less, but don’t overprice your merchandise.

2. Choose the right furniture

Honestly, I wish someone had told me about this hack before I started my business. Selecting the appropriate kind of furniture to sell is the first step in beginning a furniture flipping business. You should limit your initial purchases to furniture such as sofas, mattresses, tables, and chairs. Never go overboard with your first purchase, especially if you’re new to this field.

These don’t need significant maintenance and are comparatively simple to sell. But if you already know how to sell your furniture, you may spend your money on different kinds of furniture, including large desks, dressers, and bed frames.

3.  Watch out for furniture deals

Knowing where to get the greatest bargains is crucial before you start looking for furniture, of course, if you don’t want to sell some of your old furniture. Seeing which retailers have the best deals will help you save both time and money.

You may find many internet sites that will assist you in identifying these establishments. For instance, check out local furniture sales using services like Flippa or Craigslist. You may also apply to work as a Sharetown representative. My favorite one is Sharetown because you don’t have to worry about finding clients; there are no upfront fees!

4. Take good pictures

No matter if you want to sell your furniture or something you just bought from the flea market, high-quality pictures are a must if you want to sell your furniture fast! Consider the background, and if you have empty walls in your garage, use them for the photoshoot. Look for a well-lit angle and watch out if the environment is clean. Dirty walls or clutter behind the piece of furniture won’t attract any buyers!

If you don’t own a professional camera, you can take pictures with your phone. Invest in a low-budget tripod and let your imagination run freely. Once you have taken the pictures, see if they are okay, and if not, edit them in some editing apps. Play with brightness and contrast, and you’re good to go! This is a great hack to sell your furniture faster and also get quite a customer base for your business.

5. Catchy descriptions are everything!

The next thing after you upload the pictures to the website is to create some stories for them. If you want to sell your furniture as soon as possible so you can get rid of the clutter in your home and also make some money, it is very important to come up with a nice and catchy description of your items.

Does that cozy couch you’re trying to sell resemble the ones used in Friends? Use your imagination and include this in the description. It will get some views once you mention a widely popular TV series.

Or go for simply describing the piece of furniture and focusing on the features that make it special. Try to put yourself in the shoes of the buyer. What do you want to see written in a description of a bed, a couch, or even a drawer you want to buy? Remember to focus on the features, not the flaws.

Always, but always write the text in a manner that is easy to read by everybody! I’d advise you to use bullet points, especially when you’re listing the sizes.

That couch you just bought has some minor leather cracks here and there. But don’t panic, because, with this leather repair kit, you can easily do the job on your own without causing a huge mess or a hole in your budget. It costs only $16.95 on Amazon. I used it for some pieces of furniture I sold last autumn, and to be honest I was very satisfied with the ending results. 

sell your furniture
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6. Sell according to the season

March and October are two distinct times to try to sell a patio set. In March, the set will fetch a different price. Sometimes it isn’t practical, either financially or physically. Are you planning on selling your old sunbed? You will always get a better price for it if you sell it between March and mid-September.

7. Offer customer support

Providing superior customer service is a certain strategy for being successful in this furniture-selling industry. All it takes are small actions like promptly returning calls, emails, and texts. Since emails and texts are the most effective means of contact during business hours, make sure you reply to them as fast as possible.

Direct communication between buyers and sellers is valued by both parties. It helped me sell things easier, and even mildly negotiate the price if they were nice!

These are the best tips I recommend to you from the bottom of my heart if you want to sell your furniture faster. But keep in mind that there are only a few trustworthy websites where you can sell your stuff. Let’s see which ones: 

  • Facebook Marketplace

Isn’t Facebook outdated? Well, for some features, yes, it is, but not for selling stuff. For my first days in this selling furniture business, Facebook brought me a lot of buyers. This is because there is a large audience and few obstacles to entry. It’s not necessary to have a business account or to pay for one. It is easy to use and there are currently no costs associated with sales, and you may use Messenger to interact with possible customers.

Another thing that I liked about Facebook Marketplace was that customers can search for what they’re interested in by location, making it easier for both of you to sell and buy.

  • Craigslist

Perhaps the earliest Internet classified advertisements were available on Craigslist. This was one of the earliest websites where you could sell goods online. The good news is that you may still sell your furniture on this marketplace, which is still running. Although it lost its popularity and doesn’t compare to Facebook Marketplace, a lot of people use it anyway, particularly those who, let’s say, are anti-social media.

If this article about how to sell your furniture helped you don’t forget to share it with others too! Meanwhile, you may also be interested in reading about how to Save Money! Clean Your Air Conditioner in 6 Steps Like a PRO.