When Visitors Arrive at Your Home, These Are the First Things They Notice, According to Experts


Did you ever think about the things guests notice about your home? 

This is probably a very good question that made me think about it quite a lot. Therefore, this is my source of inspiration for the article. One day I sat at my desk thinking about my house and how it was seen from the outside by my neighbors and my guests. And while I haven’t tried too hard to picture it very badly, I realized that some of the things I own need a bit of improvement, if not replacement at all.

However, aside from carefully choosing furnishings and finishing touches in key areas, the exterior of your home will be the first thing most guests and family see when they visit. Thankfully, there are a few ways you can make a good impression on guests even before they enter your home. Continue reading to see what things guests notice about your home the first time they see it, according to experts.

things guests notice about your home
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1. The color of your outside walls

Besides the front door (which we will discuss a bit later in the article), this is probably one of the first things guests notice about your home. The color you’ve chosen to paint your house is the first thing people will say about it when they see it from the street.

For this reason, choosing a color for a home’s exterior is more important than choosing one for your kitchen or bedroom. And if the current color you have isn’t very impressive, don’t panic! There is plenty of time this year to change it, and if you can’t decide upon the perfect shade, keep an eye on our page since we will share some articles based on this topic!

Setting your property in its proper perspective and contrasting it with other homes in the neighborhood is often a smart idea. Choose a palette of colors that will enable you to blend your home’s appearance with that of the other houses in the area, keeping everything on your block harmonious. Allow your creativity to flow!

2. Your driveway

Among the things guests notice about your home is the driveway. There is more to the front of your house than just the front porch, yard, and exterior. Experts believe that the best approach to preventing distractions is to give maintenance priority to any paved areas.

While the guests won’t come at you and point out, “Hey, what an ugly driveway you have!” they will still notice that it isn’t properly taken care of. Most of the time, taking care of the pavement requires a big financial investment; you don’t need to do everything at the same time. Plus, having a nice-looking driveway will protect your tires as well.

3. The entryway

That’s it! You have some friends over the weekend, and you got everything in order. Or at least you think you do. If the driveway, the door, and the color of your outside walls are some of the first things guests notice about your home, be careful with the entryway too, especially if people are about to enter the house.

Your guests’ first and final impression is created by the doorway, which serves as both the point of entry and exit. Regardless of how clean or organized the rest of your house is, guests will not appreciate an untidy, dusty, or smelly doorway. Thus, be sure to organize everything as much as you can, and if there’s room, add a few extras as well! It will have a more refined appearance.

I usually keep the keys and the shoehorn in the entryway to have them on hand whenever I need them. If you’re undecided about what to buy, I recommend checking out this rustic-torched wood mail holder and key storage tray available on Amazon for just $29.99. I’d say it will be a great purchase!

4. The front door

It should be no surprise that the front door is one of the first things guests notice about your home. That’s why, according to experts, it’s very important to pick a cool but simple front-door model. For example, if the color palette of your choice is nude or even white, go for a burgundy door. It must be the focal point of the house!

Its hue should complement the outside color and landscape, the neighborhood’s general aesthetic, and the owner’s personality and design style. Don’t overlook the importance of a good doorknocker during the procedure.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much of a difference even little things can make! I’d choose this one, but you are free to look for other door knockers on Amazon’s offer.

things guests notice about your home
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5. Outdoor decoration

Believe it or not, outdoor decoration is very important as well since it is one of the things guests notice about your home. If you are looking for individuality and an outstanding look, go beyond planting bushes, shrubs, or any other plants.

According to experts, choosing tasteful décor items may also help a property appear more desirable or welcoming from the outside. Go for cute bulbs or illumination garlands. Some folks opt for sculptures, bold chairs, or even big pots. Depending on your taste and budget, let your creativity roam free. You won’t regret it!

Besides all the decor elements you’re planning to display because they are among the things guests notice about your home, don’t forget about a nice mailbox! It’s a small but big element that will draw the attention of all people who are passing nearby. I mean, it would be a pity to waste an opportunity to make your mailbox famous and Instagrammable too!

6. Gardening and landscaping

Unfortunately, keeping a tidy lawn or a colorful garden may take a while, and it’s not an easy task either. However, if you want to make a good first impression, keep in mind that this is one of the first things guests notice about your home. The front yard is a part of your home, just as the doorway is the first area guests encounter.

Bring in some natural elements like flowers, large plants, and eye-catching pots when designing a front terrace to impress guests. Even better, it’s always a good idea to cut back any messy portions of your garden and trim your hedges if you’re having a larger gathering.

7. …the coffee cups

Those friends we mentioned above are finally at your house. They are now past the entryway and have complimented you for it, and now it’s time for a coffee. While you’re in the process of tidying and making your home exterior as neat as possible, don’t forget to pay attention to the fine china you’re serving coffee into, because that’s one of the things guests notice about your home.

Make sure you remove all the crooked and stained cups and replace them with a new set. Some of them might be costly, but check out Target; they usually have affordable prices too.

Do you think we missed writing about other things guests notice about your home? Tell us in the comments.

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