6 Best Grocery Stores to Buy Gorgeous Home Decor Items

Photo by jejim from Shutterstock

4. Costco

Besides offering great deals on bulk goods, Costco also has an extensive selection of home decor items. The wholesaler has more than liters of olive oil, fortresses of toilet paper, and giant sheets of paper.

If you take a walk through its home goods section, you’ll find some stylish decor options that are great for anyone on a budget. Moreover, the bulk-buying rule doesn’t apply to these products, so you can buy a single pillow or lamp.

Standouts include a chic tiger tripod lamp ($60) and a cozy faux fur decorative pillow ($17). When you’re ready to replace some furniture items in your house, pick up a stylish chair that folds out into a bed for guests ($500) or a handy storage ottoman ($250).

Costco’s Moroccan-style rug is also a chic home decor item that’s very versatile and durable. Their large-scale artwork is also both bargain-priced and stunning.

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