10 Drop-Dead Gorgeous Flowers That Bloom All Summer Long

flowers that bloom all summer long
Photo by Monkey Business Images from Shutterstock

Who doesn’t like flowers that bloom all summer long?

Annual flowers are praised for their showy, vibrant blooms that bring seasonal interest to the garden. But they come with a downside: they only have one growing season. However, even though you have to replant them every year, annuals are very versatile and lauded by both beginner and experienced gardeners alike.

They grow well as container plants, are great for filling in blank spots in border gardens, and look lovely in flower arrangements. With so many great uses, you really want to make the most out of your annual flowers during their growing season.

Fortunately, many gorgeous flowers bloom all summer long. So, next time you visit your local garden center, choose annuals that make continuous blooms throughout June, July, and August to ensure you have the prettiest garden on the block for more than a brief moment in time.

This being said, here are some gorgeous flowers that bloom all summer long!

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