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Yeah, there’s no denying that the bathroom can make or break a house. Even the most beautifully renovated home can be let down by a mediocre bathroom renovation. Guri Naomi Finley explains just how important it is to make this room bright. There’s been a massive shift in the past 10 years about how people view their bathroom spaces. They used to be literally somewhere to shower, somewhere to dry off, and somewhere to get out of. Now people are treating their bathrooms as if they’re an integrated part of the home and that there’s somewhere that they want to spend time in, and so that means, naturally, that people are wanting to inject their personality into them. So we’ve sent Naomi to see if she can help out Mia, who’s been taking on a major renovation on her home but has hit a bit of a roadblock in the bathroom.

Taking on a renovation is so daunting because there’s so much to consider. You’ve got the tiles and all the labor work and all the styling that goes on with it. Whoa! Oh my gosh, that is large. I think it’s the best way to put it. and eighties. I know that takes up a quarter of the room. If we get rid of that That could be an epic space changer, and there’s vanity. It’s quite small, like a four-bedroom house. right? Yeah, it is. So hopefully we can do something with that, especially if we get rid of these. Who knows what we can do with so much space and with the size of this bar? Look what has happened to this poor shower. It’s been squashed. It’s squashed and it’s angled; it really dates it, as does this hog.

I don’t even think I’d be able to wash my feet in here. I don’t think I’ll be able to get down there. I’d end up headbutting a wall; it’s pretty tiny when you’re in there. There are some advantages here; you have a lot of natural light and a large footprint.So I’m confident with a bit of a layout change and some amazing tiles, fixtures, and finishes. We can make this a phenomenal space for you to definitely be great. Let’s go. There’s a bit of homework we have to do first. Great, now we’ve seen the bathroom, you have a style in mind. Do you know your style or what you want? We’ve been searching for ages on instagram, Pinterest, and all those things on the web and we just can’t find exactly what we want.

Okay, so I have the answer for you. Okay, I worked with Beaumont’s sales team for months on this amazing tool, so it’s going to help you pinpoint your style of exactly what you want, honing that down. How does that sound? It sounds great. That’s exactly what I needed. Let’s have a go. What sort of chairs are you drawn to? I’d probably go more for something like this than all of these. Which one do you think you’d get most at home? Alright, drum roll, literally. So you’re modern primarily with a big splash of industrial. Yeah, it’s really surprising. I knew I was modern, but it’s really surprisingly industrial. I really like it. Have we nailed it? I think we have a fantastic look to discover your perfect style and get your reno underway. A great way to start is with Beaumont. What’s my style quiz?

It’s jam packed with inspired designs, style advice, and knockout products to help you renovate and style like a star. Naomi and Mia are now on the hunt for some modern industrial products to get her bathroom reno underway. We are looking at the gray tones and some of those darker tones that you’re looking at. But we’re also looking for the exposed, I guess raw, that real material-oriented finish. Mm hmm. Look at these beautiful large format tiles. This Savoia is from Italy. It’s definitely nailed the modern element that you’re looking for. But it is a really large format. So we’ve then paired that large format with this one from I T T Ceramic. Now it’s pretty hard to find industrial media. Yeah, I’d have to be pretty brave to go with something like this. But it’s definitely an option.

Okay, let’s keep it in the mix and we’ll see what else we come up with. Okay, wow, that’s brave. Really pared back modern with a splash, literally on the wall of industrial. It’s good. It’s good. MIA has asked for all the help she can get to bring her bathroom out of the 80s and into the 21st century. So we’ve brought in interior design. to assist in bringing her modern, industrial bathroom to life., industrial. I just take the word “modern” and “industrial. The two look alike and try and mesh them together, you know? No, you nailed it. It’s a little bit of elements that are sort of rustic and hard and industrial with a sleek new modern, making it sexy. Bringing the two together after creating a short list of tiles with Naomi, the boys are going to help me make the final decision.

Okay, Mia, so you’ve done the What’s My Style Quiz with Naomi and you’ve landed on modern industrial, which is US modern industrial. You swap that around, Simon’s a little bit of a shabby industrial warehouse, and I’m a bit more refined. You could say, “Well, this is good because I need all the help I can get with making these choices.” We’ve got three beautiful selections here, and I think we just need to sort of note that down to one. Okay, so option one, you’ve got some really big large format tiles. It’s all a rectified edge. So it means that it’s as minimal a grout line as possible. You just create that kind of seamless look, and you’ve got your massive bold feature tile. It’s going to bring a lot of character into the space that features tile. Yeah, so option two.

We’ve got these beautiful 800 by 800 armed Spanish tiles called volcanic ash, a lot of character in them. And that that large format is really on trend at the moment, and an Italian tile from a company called Savoia brings a bit of a strong look and a sort of a darker look that will ground your floors a lot. Yeah, they really bring your space together. The grays in this tile really pop with the grazing of the floor tile. I think it looks like a really nice choice. Number three. There’s a beautiful sort of stone look floor tile with a larger format wall tile and they’re very neutral in palette. It’s going to open up this space a lot. Okay, so the great thing about these tiles is that you can lay them horizontally. It really stretches out the room horizontally and it makes it look taller than it is.

You’ve got a bit of texture in there too, which makes a lot of characters quite different, isn’t it? very cool. I love all three of them. We can only pick one. What do you think? Because it’s your home. I would steer away from such a dramatic style. Yeah, this is a homeless industry. It’d be hard to live with every day. It might be better suited to a commercial or a restaurant, which you know, something you only visit for brief periods. Yeah, I can’t go past this one. Yeah, that’s good. That’s beautiful. It’s got a great mixture in there, doesn’t it? It’s crunch time. decision what to choose. I think this will definitely be the best option. I think they will work really well together. So let’s get on to making an order. All right, let’s do it. Love it. I’m here with Jamie from HTTP, and we’re talking all things TAP.

So Jamie, give me some insight into what colors and shapes people are really vibing on this season. So at the moment, we’ve got heaps of different colors. We’ve got polished finishes, brushed finishes, all sticking to a lot of industrial kind of boutique styling that’s going on. So a lot of the slim-line taps are really in at the moment. A lot of brushed gunmetal kind of finishes. Gunmetal I’ve been shopping previously with Mia around her tablet and she was a huge fan of this Martini range. So she had to go down that track. What would be some of the benefits of that unit? Yeah, well she chose the black, which is perfect for that more industrial feel. The Martini tap has got a 15-year warranty on the cartridge. Fantastic. It’s really good quality tap and the fashion, it’s going to stay in for ages.

It’s going to last the distance. I think everyone’s going to be happy with that. I think so. Yes, tiling has begun in Mia’s bathroom and Simon and Shannon are back for a sneaky peek. Simon’s floors are down; it’s great. They just got to grout. I can really see it coming together. This looks really, really nice and the water, I think it’s really going to tie in well with the floor, and I can see what you’re saying. It’s got the same color on the wall as the floor. Okay, because you’re a big time reality TV star, you popped into our local governments and picked up some hot Jamie J tap where this stuff is nice. And I guess the number one tip is because I’m the plumber. right? So you need to pick out your tap where before you start renovation because that determines where your plumbing fixture is going to be in the house. You’re going to let your plumber know, what are you going to use? Yeah, but you get what you pay for.

And these are solid, solid taps where there are some matte black fittings, a little pop of chrome, beautiful that these are gon na work really well with our story. We’re here today with Michael from Timberline. And we are looking at getting the perfect customized solution for a vanity for Mia’s bathroom in that beautiful modern with a splash of industrial look. So I’m loving what I’m seeing so far in the visualization. Can you run me through what we’ve come up with? It absolutely hits on that modern, industrial theme. We’ve selected a satin matte black finish. Nice, really nice. It’s very pared-back. Yes, it’s a stunning looking unit there with this tour. We can change the colors and change these tops until you’re happy with the look we get here now. Am I right in saying you’ve integrated the shaving cabinet with the vanity because I can see that there’s some matte black up there.

Absolutely We’ve matched the sides of the shaving cabinet there in matt black with the cabinet below. But again, because we’re custom making these, it doesn’t have to be the limit. However, I adore the look and feel of that bathroom.So I think you’re on the money. Fantastic. Naomi has found the perfect vanity to go with the bold industrial tiles from Beaumont, and now it’s time for Simon and Shannon’s final touch of styling to bring it all together. That’s good. Wow. I love that the tile and the grout come up really nicely. This looks great. I think they will be stoked with this storage; plenty of that. You can fit all your hair products in there. Look at those two good-looking roosters. They could. You put in your wax and your perm materials. I think he’s going to be here soon.

Let’s give this space a bit of character, a bit of life. I think we’re going to tower. Yeah, that’s a great idea. You really are good at your job. Mm hmm. So we’re really loving the industrial look we created upstairs. It’s a little bit like us. You know, rugged bits of black features. But with all that industrial, you really need to soften it, and that’s where the texture in those big 800-800 tiles comes in. It’s luxurious. It’s big and I think it’s going to be a nice point of difference. A bit of ambience. Mm hmm. Do you need to know I had a lot of candles? It’s quite hot. Nice, smoking, good job. Good job. I’m not really nervous that I’m about to come and look at the final product a little bit.

a little bit, kind of hanging my hat on your skills. I think it’s exciting. It’s a little bit of nerves there. But it’s exciting to show me her new space, her personal space. You know, this is what she’s going to have for a long time. She’s going to love it. Is she not? I think she’ll love it. It’s a good space, boys, knock it off. It’s a much bigger transformation from what we had before that. The old tablet was so drab here. But this is just amazing. Yeah, I love these tiles. So the 800 by 800 tiles that we picked, the big format, really bring a sense of luxury, and the lighter tones and textures bring plenty of life to the space. Wow. It looks fantastic. And those really sophisticated elements, like this gorgeous contrasting black vanity, which kind of just finish it off, and it weaves into the industrial field without being too overwhelming to the rest of the home,

So I think the team has smashed this one. Excellent work, unquestionably approved.Thank you so much. I got left out of the group, so when we work with clients like Mia, it’s really nice to go on the journey with them. It’s nice to see that the initial stages of finding out what their style is, finding a bit of direction, and helping them through that phase are embraced. Yeah, I love it when you first meet him. They’ve got all these ideas, different ideas, but they can’t narrow it down. And I love how they put their trust in us and they, you know, sometimes they don’t get it, but they’re always at the end product, they’re stoked with what we pick out. So that’s the great thing about Beaumont. Not only do they help you with the tile selections, but they create a whole mood board for your bathroom.

So that’s your lighting, your paint colors, the furnishings and the fixtures, and it’s really a one-stop shop. Okay