Bathroom Makeover: Modern Ensuite | The Home Team S5 E20


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Early of this series we renovated Mia’s

dated bathroom and turned it into a

luxurious modern sanctuary

Mia originally lacked a bit of direction

and didn’t really know how to bring her

style together but after taking the

what’s my style quiz on the Beaumont

tiles website she narrowed down her

choices to a modern industrial look I

knew I was modern but yeah it’s really

surprising the industrial I really like

Mia was so happy with the final result

she’s decided her ensuite upstairs could

also do with a bit of work so our

resident renault expert naomi is back to

see if she can work her magic once again

straighten and just like downstairs

we’re kind of compromised you’ve got

this pokey slightly unfunctional and

definitely showing signs of an aged

shower but you do have a lot of natural

light in here yeah yeah it’s good it is

fantastic but you must fight over using

this very special shaved mirror of a

morning today I know everything so dated

in here so I would just love to get

about a DB for the space bit more story

and story functionality again maybe

ditch the eighties tall yeah more modern

would be great so I think again with

some really great tiles and some very

nice fixtures and things this could be

the second most special space in this

house being out yet definitely be great

looking to discover your perfect style

and get your enno underway a great way

to start is with Beaumont’s what’s my

style quiz it’s jam-packed with inspired

designs style advice and knockout

products to help you renovate and star

like a star

Mia has had a bit of time to think about

her on sweat renard and has decided that

she wants to go for a slightly less

industrial look that the team helped her

create in the bathroom downstairs so

she’s back in store with Naomi to look

for some modern tiles for her ensuite so

this modern feel and modern style is

really well known for its metallics it’s

monochromes it’s often quite bold and it

has quite a bit of geometric pattern in

it this is a great one for a modern look

so it does have some softness to it but

if you pair that up with say a black

gloss or even a black subway that could

be quite a striking modern look there’d

be a real feature – absolutely it would

that was fun shopping that was great

it’s really good to see what’s out me

and you have narrowed it down and I must

admit we are sitting very heavily in the

modern monochromatic so you’ve got a lot

to think about


I’m here sitting on the end of the path

with luke from Hotwire cuz I tell you

what it is some toasters place even the

Beaumont store to be sitting my toes are

so warm and there’s a reason for that

Luke absolutely we’ve got a hot wire

underfloor heating right through this

setting so really natural even wants and

it just radiates through the whole room

so this is one of the things you really

need to be thinking about at the

planning stage yeah so when you’re

planning and choosing your tiles

obviously we’re in the beaumont tyler

store so when you’re choosing your tiles

you look at it plan that by your fall

heating and build it from the ground up

now I know when I suggested underfloor

heating to many people before one of the

biggest objections is oh my gosh Naomi

I’m not made of millions it’s actually a

bit of a fallacy it is most people in

the market think it’s a lot more

expensive than it actually is

come on give us the golden number on

average well most people think it’s

between two to three thousand dollars

can we install it if I ask people and

you can generally get a fully installed

for under $1000 that is a great

investment now it’s not just about

Tostitos though right there’s actually

some other very valid and important

reasons to consider this in your house

yeah so because it warms the floor it

dries the floor so you’ve got no mold so

your grout doesn’t go that gross grout

color that grout can do and your tiles

look better for longer because they’re

never wet and your room isn’t moldy you

don’t get the mold around the top

because your rooms always warm it’s

always dry and we have to clean it much

less often what about our heating costs

so how expensive is this to run it’ll

cost you about a third as much as

running a heat lamp unit so the good

old-fashioned heat lamps from the

ceiling it’ll cost me less than that

would much less so this all sounds


but what

if I finished my amazing bathroom and I

noticed that it needs repair or it stops

working or something’s faulty what

happened is that we can actually get

really clever about it get a bit James

Bond yes and we look through the floor

with a thermal imaging camera and we can

see exactly where the damages occurred

and we can break it down millimeter

perfect remove one tile fix up sets put

another tile back and you’re done

that is fantastic solution


Mia was so happy with her bathroom

renovation she’s decided to tackle

another room so we’ve called upon

interior design brothers Simon and

Shannon once again to help steer the

project in her ensuite if you’re

designing your ensuite for yourself new

think about what you want you don’t need

to think about what the kids need or

what the in-laws need that space is your

little sanctuary whatever you want

what’s really hard to find Direction

these days because there’s so much

choice out there so whether you use

Instagram Pinterest you’re a big lover

of intro Kugler yeah a lot of pictures

but I think that what’s my self quiz

really narrows it down to a select few

tiles of your choice

it takes values looks that you love and

it figures out a an aesthetic or a

direction you can run along with I mean

we’re back and you’ve decided to another

bathroom winner yes what are you

thinking we’ve got to go again cuz it

was such a great job with a loved one

downstairs Thanks now you’ll be

bathrooms done it’s making your ensuite

look a bit dated and we need to we need

a freshen up we need a bathroom read oh

so we’re going to the more refined look

yes I will leave we’ll bring a bit more

of a modern look into this bathroom yeah

I’ve got three selections again we’ve

picked a beautiful Italian tile from

Savoia painted brick is such a hot book

right now brings a lot of character and

walked into the room and because because

it’s tile

it’s hassle-free beautiful and we’re

paired up with a sort of a planer

they’re sort of neutral tile from ITT

which is a Spanish tile option number

two’s great set of tiles you’ve got all

your neutral tones here and a really

cool penny round tile for your feature

wall and they look good anywhere what do

you reckon these these look hot yeah

with a white grout that’ll bring a lot

of character and a lot of power to

bathroom okay final option I’ve got a

little bit different so we’ve got a

smaller darker tile on the floors and a

bit of a longer sort of elongated tile

on the walls and even with a bit of

texture in it okay you got three great

choices here but it’s decision time yeah

that’s a big decision but that’s why

I’ve got you guys here to help me out

with this that’s right that’s right just

as hard for us look this third look here

is quite safe it’s gonna look really

nice but it’s not gonna be up really

power bathrooms so you need a bit of

character in your room and I love this

second look with a penny a penny rounds

by then

then again you’ve got this great feature

till he’s a hot there’s a hot

I do you think that would look really

good as a feature savoy from Italy let’s

go for it another way okay great

now Christine so many people think about

tiles before they come into a store but

not a lot of people think about the

trusty toilets and there’s so many

things to consider when you actually

have to buy you toilets so what are some

of the things from a design or visual

perspective that people need to consider

well whether you’re going for a suite or

whether you may be going for an in-wall

or a concealed style toilet concealed

being very modern you can lift it off

the floor so you can have all the room

underneath for easy cleaning and again

that aesthetic if you’re going for a

very structural or architectural look

you might want to square finish on a

toilet if you want to soft feminine or

coastal look you might go for a nice

round finish so toilets can use a lot of

water so what do we need to be thinking

about from that perspective well you

need to be looking at the wells rating

on the toilet and there’ll be a Wells

rating on every toilet it’s part of

Australian standards and that will tell

you how water efficient your toilet is

okay so we need to think about water

conservation which saves us money it

saves the environment as well as how it

looks and let’s face it how it feels

you’ve got to sit down absolutely lift

the lid have a look at the toilet sit on

the toilet I like a flush try to for you

by a grater absolutely


the tiles have started to go down in

Mia’s on sway and Simon and Shannon are

back for a bit of a sneak peek

the contrast between these two and the

floor just sets it down solid when you

see a few of these to go there’s black

fiji tiles they amazing looks really

good yeah but you know what we’re gonna

ban it into order we’ve got about 13 out

of a space only 1200 vanity would be


nice wide it gives a sense of luxury you

know what also a big mirror big

statement mirror at the top yeah big

mirrors always make the room look a bit

bigger yeah what do you think about taps

I’d love to see matte black just keeping

the same you’ve got white you’ve got

grey you got black I think if you

involve another Ella yeah we’re just

gonna hit too busy in a small space I

love this matte black tape we’re a bit

of chrome and I reckon a tinted black

identity with a white top a book really

really nice


Naomi has found the perfect statement

mirror vanity and tap where to go with

the bold monochromatic tiles in Mia’s

modern bathroom makeover and it’s almost

time for the big reveal


lot of contrast beautiful chat where

there’s no us to jeremyj stuff and I

like this mirror the back of it just

really good

I think Mia’s gonna really have to do

this it’s sort of the perfect finish for

downstairs bathroom too I think we need

to start

I got more tell GT a Sea King with the

towels is they get on the 10 rail and

you usually put yours on the floor I’ve

seen you about her and I’ve talked to

your wife

I think we’ll carry this on simple soil

we don’t have as much bench space as

what we did with last bathroom like it

no you know you name it it’s in the top

good a good rate no no just an article


maybe so inside bit of proxy you know

I’m just gonna read your own magazine

and catch up on our elegant yeah I think

the girls are gonna be really stoked

when they walk in the room

we’ve got textual black brick wall we’ve

got really really nice features and

fixtures I think we’ll hit the brief on

point there’s a real personal character

field room I think they’ll be stoked

all right boys the moment is here me is

here how did it go we’ve blending that

modern industrial feel now that no

smashed American oh it’s hard to bring a

bit of warmth into an industrial

aesthetic yeah but we hope you like it

we really hope you do I’m excited

fate so the hot wire under tile heating

is a bit of a it’s a luxury surprise

that we’ve got in store for Mia it’s

gonna be nice to get the girls to take

their shoes off and just walk under that

subtly warm time so it is hot surprised

because she doesn’t know about it that’s

right oh I like that

were you expecting this

I was hoping for this I don’t know about

you mayor but that wall is the hero

piece of the entire bathroom yeah it

looks fantastic I love the way that you

guys have managed to still get texture

in a really monochromatic stage yeah

it’s important to brings a little bit of

softness to the room in that it’s not

you feel homely in the space as well

yeah and all the fittings are just what

we wanted the crime with a matte black

oh there’s a different take on what

everyone’s doing yeah having their crime

their stops and setup as well it makes

it quite sophisticated which they and

Ty’s totally into that mirror really

sophisticated then that extra touch of

elegance in the modern space did we nail

it painting and that’ll just transform

yours is such a luxury touch no more

cold feet in this bathroom

well me this is a phenomenal kid-free

space for you to enjoy for many years to

come I was a bit nervous at first

especially with all the black and

everything like that but thanks to these

guys it’s turned out so well I love it

so our work is done guys

so let’s wrap it up and hit for Audrina

it’s going to be all right