7 Stunning Indoor Plants That Don’t Require Too Much Water

Indoor Plant
Photo by Artem Varnitsin at Shutterstock

Are you unable to care for your indoor plants?

Indoor plants shouldn’t be a lot of work. At least, that’s what we believe. At The Home Team, we’re big fans of low maintenance, especially regarding the greenery we put in our homes.

Those Gardenias and Orchids may look fantastic when you bring them home. But unless you’re diligent about the care you give them, you’re likely to feel pretty bummed out when they simply wither away in a matter of weeks.

While you might assume you just don’t have a green thumb, that’s probably not true. The secret to enjoying the beauty of indoor plants while not stressing out about them is to pick the right ones.

So if your reason for being a houseplant killer is a forgetful nature or busy lifestyle, grow these 7 indoor plants that only need to be watered once a month, and you’ll soon change your mind!

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