5 Captivating Flowers That Bring Good Luck into Your Home


Did you know these flowers are going to bring good luck into your home?

If you want to bring good luck into your home, your first thought may not be to bring more flowers into your space. However, it is exactly what you should be doing so that you can easily bring better fortune your way!

We all know that bringing flowers into the home not only adds a pop of color but also cheers up the space and brings some light to it. What’s more, you can also have the added benefit of bringing some good fortune into your home with certain types of bouquets!

Some of them can actually bring you wealth, love, and even new beginnings beyond the good luck that they attract! You will see a lot of people talk about how you need to grow certain plants for good luck, but if you do not have a green thumb, these flowers are hard to grow in your state, or even if you prefer not to fill your home with blooming flowers, this is the way to go.

If you want to bring good luck into your home, make sure you check out these flower bouquets that will achieve just that and also brighten your space!

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This aquatic plant may not be the first choice to pop into your mind when it comes to bringing a bouquet into your house, but if it’s good fortune that you are after, then you should keep an open mind.

The lotus flower has been considered a beacon of good luck by many traditions, and it is also said to represent rebirth and divine perfection alongside the luck element.

Eastern countries in particular have associated this flower with the likes of spiritual growth, purity, and enlightenment, and given that it is native to that part of the world and grows close to a lot of sacred sites, we can see why it has gotten that symbolism attached to it.

They get the resilience and growth aspect of their nature due to the fact that they need muddy waters to be able to grow healthily, but the beautiful flower rises from the mud-filled bottom in order to blossom!

They are known to attract good luck and fortune, along with inner peace, so if you want to bring that, along with a beautiful, fragrant bouquet, into your home, you should look for these flowers!


Orchids are one of those plants that are going to bring you good fortune, no matter if you have them as a bouquet or try to grow them yourself.

The challenge with this beautiful flower is that it can be really finicky when you maintain it in your home, and a lot of us cannot care for the orchid so that it can thrive. This is where the bouquets come into play; you can find them like this as well, though they are rarer.

Orchids are known to be auspicious flowers, and in several cultures (particularly the Japanese and Chinese ones), they are considered to be lucky. They are also known to symbolize abundance, prosperity, and wealth.

In the Chinese culture, they are more closely associated with food fortune and positive energy, which is exactly what you want in your home, while in the Japanese culture, they are more closely linked to the concepts of elegance and purity.

They are great flowers, and they can also be a great gift to someone, as gifting one is known to symbolize good luck and wishes. So never hesitate if you wish to gift an orchid, as it will bring good luck to the recipient!

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Come spring, it will be hard to ignore these fragrant and beautiful flowers. Not to mention, they are definitely one of the most popular choices for wedding bouquets, and for good measure! They are known to bring good luck to Asian cultures, especially Chinese.

Not only that, but they are also known to symbolize honor and prosperity, and they are closely associated with success, no matter if we are talking about personal or professional relationships.

Having them displayed in your home will bring about good energy as well as boost the harmony and good feeling in your home. Moreover, they are gorgeous, and if you like flowers, you cannot help but smile when you see them!

Since they are thought to be lucky flowers, they make great gifts when you are going to visit someone, as you are both wishing them good luck and bringing about good vibes and harmony to their home!

No matter the type of bouquet you choose to bring into your home for good luck, you will need to have a vase that is going to complement them well! This one right here is one of our favorites; it is affordable and chic, and it can complement any room in your home!


Another one of Spring’s signature flowers—you may even have some of them planted in your garden already! Along with hyacinths and tulips, these gorgeous flowers mark the end of winter as they bloom in early spring and represent new beginnings and rebirth.

They are significant as they bloom around the date of the Chinese New Year, and this gave them a solid reputation as being a huge source of good luck. A lot of gardeners in China believe that if daffodils bloom on New Year’s, then that year is going to bring you and your family enormous luck, health, and fortune!

What’s more, when you bring daffodils into your home, you are actually bringing prosperity to your house and to your family. Their distinct shape is hard to miss, and they are definitely one of the biggest bringers of good news when it comes to early spring flowers!

So do not wait and bring these vibant beauties to your home in Spring!

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Speaking of vibrant, yellow flowers, if we are talking flowers that bring good luck, we cannot forget the sunflower!

If you are looking for a lucky flower that is going to also bring cheer and a boost of vitality to your home, look no further than sunflowers. They are big, bold, and gorgeous, and they will definitely brighten up your home, no matter where you place them. Experts are also adamant that they are going to bring good luck to your home.

In many cultures, sunflowers are not only the symbols of good fortune but they are also associated with positivity and happiness. Since they turn after the sun and they resemble the aster, they are the perfect type of flower to bring into your home during the summer.

They will bring about light and warmth, along with the perk of good fortune!

If you want to follow this feng shui practice of bringing in good luck with the flowers, why not ensure that you bring in good energy and luck with the items in your home? What you may not be aware of is that certain items and their placement can bring you a bad fortune! Make sure you never place these items in certain rooms, according to feng shui experts!