6 Reasons Designers Discourage Dark Porch Paint Colors


Dark porch paint can be an amazing way to create some contrast, but designers still avoid it. Why is this happening? Well, it is true that dark paint can look amazing and can help you get that pop of color you were looking for, but you better keep it for the interior of your home.

Dark porch paint is not a great idea, and we are here to tell you all about it. We know you want some color, but be careful when adding it because you want to enhance the space and not make it feel different from the rest of the exterior.

Now, designers don’t say you are not allowed to use dark porch paint, but they consider dark paint to be more suitable for front doors and shutters. See why that dark green porch is not the best idea!

dark porch paint
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1. Heat absorption

The number one reason to avoid dark porch paint, especially if you live in a hotter climate, is the head absorption. You probably want to be outside on your porch in the summer because it is much cooler than inside the house. You want to feel the nice cool air, but if you have a porch painted in a darker color, it will absorb all the heat, and you will probably see why choosing that color was not a good idea.

Just imagine going outside barefoot on that dark porch. You will burn your feet! As we already said, maybe in cooler climates this color on your porch might help you get a more comfortable temperature, but if you are living in the south, you will surely regret it, especially in the summer.

2. It is not traditional

If you are among the more traditional people, you might love the design of an iconic white farmhouse that also has a white porch and a mandatory haint blue ceiling. This is a classic that many people adore, but choosing dark porch paint is not how you achieve that.

Maybe you think that dark porch paint will look amazing and will make your house look fresh, but if you like traditional designs, you have a higher chance of realizing that you don’t actually like it painted in a darker color.

So, if you are a person who always chooses the traditional route, think again before choosing a dark porch paint, and in this way, you will avoid regretting it. You can instead try some lighter colors, such as light pastels if you don’t want the regular white. Darker hues will indeed clash with the traditional aesthetic.

3. Signs of wear and tear

All things that are painted will show signs of wear and tear more easily over time than those that are not. For example, consider your wooden chairs and the wooden floor below them. Over time, they will all show signs of love.

But when you choose dark porch paint, be sure that all of the wear and tear signs will be easier to see and will also look, at least, not the best. You will be able to see any scratches and dings.

When we talk about lighter paint, such as white, these signs are not that obvious and create the feeling of an outdoor space that deals so much better with wear. Also, dark porch paint gets dirty a lot more easily.

4. Polen build-up

Depending on where you live, you know that in the spring, you will be invaded by pollen that will stick to anything it touches. This also includes your porch. If you choose dark porch paint, then you are not among the lucky ones, as the pollen will be easier to see on dark surfaces, like your porch.

This is one of the practical reasons to avoid dark porch paint. Designers learned it from experience, and we want to share this valuable piece of information with you. If you live in the south, your porch will have a grin tint for as long as the pollen season lasts, and you will not be able to get rid of it until the season ends.

We’re not arguing that lighter paint colors will miraculously remove pollen, but they are more forgiving. So, if you don’t like the look of dust on your porch, avoid choosing dark porch paint.

5. Light reflection

We already told you that dark porch paint will absorb the color, but you also need to know that it doesn’t have the same ability to reflect light as lighter-colored paint would. The same as wearing light-colored clothes during the summer will help your body keep a cooler temperature, the same thing applies to the paint on your porch.

Choosing a dark color is not the best idea because your porch will feel hotter. Instead, try white or another light color. This will help during the summer, and you will be able to enjoy your porch during the warm months.

6. Fading caused by sunlight

You probably already know how direct exposure to sunlight can make the paint fade. And we are talking about anything that is outside and gets directly touched by the sun: clothes, outdoor cushions, and even your dark porch paint.

It is kind of hard to protect your porch from the sun, and this is why it will be exposed to the sunlight for extended periods of time. After a while, this will cause fading, which will make darker colors lose their charm and vibrancy quicker than lighter colors.

When painting your porch, it’s always necessary to consider lifespan, maintenance, and durability. So, if you want some low-quality paint that doesn’t show signs of wear and tear easily and doesn’t fade in the sun quicker, don’t choose dark-colored paint. We know it can look mesmerizing, but if you don’t have the time to take care of it, you better avoid it from the beginning.

dark porch paint
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How to choose the best dark porch paint

If you still want to paint your porch a darker shade, you can still do that, but you have to be careful about some aspects. Two shades are never the same, and this can make a big difference.

One thing you should always do before you paint your front porch is to do some research and also get a few paint samples to test. The paint can look different when applied to your porch than it did in the store.

Another thing that can help is to choose warmer shades. Always choose shades that look warmer than they seem at first glance because the daylight will make them appear cooler and lighter.

Also, remember that the paint will look different on your house than it used to look on paper swatches. It doesn’t matter what color you choose; it will always seem more saturated once applied to your porch. This is why you need to do your best and find the most desaturated shades possible. In this way, you can be sure that you will get the dark aesthetic you were looking for.

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