Are Window and Door Replacements Worth the Investment?

Window And Door Replacement
Photo by Suzanne Tucker at Shutterstock

What’s the ROI for window and door replacements?

If you’re putting your house on the market, or you’re thinking about doing so in the next couple of years, you may wonder if window and door replacements are worth it before you sell.

The general reasoning is that turnkey homes sell faster and for a greater price than homes buyers see as fixer-uppers. Besides that, you want top dollar for your house when you sell, don’t you?

Before putting up your home for sale, it’s wise to take inventory of its drawbacks. This will help you set a fair listing price, and you can also manage your expectations this way.

If your current windows and doors are failing, old, or not energy efficient, consider a total replacement to improve your home’s marketability and make the sale smoother.

But how does the added value of window and door replacements compare to the value added from other significant renovations, and is it worth it? Let’s get to the bottom of it once and for all!

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