Kitchen Seating | The Home Team 2 Ep. 43


The Home Team is a 10-week journey where we turn a 1950’s ‘renovator’s delight’ into a warm and welcoming home, the envy of the neighbours. Every Monday-Friday at 3.30pm and Saturday at 3pm on Channel Ten, James Bawden (Builder), Julia Green (Interior Stylist) and Anthony Scott (Landscaper) get their hands dirty to transform this rough diamond back to her former glory.


Yeah, I’m going to turn a blind eye to this side of the room because it’s still chaos. There’s so much stuff everywhere. It’s incredible. But progress is happening because look at this! It’s so nice, isn’t it? And one thing that I do need to do and that I have thought about is seating for this beautiful big breakfast bar that we have here. Because let’s face it, these kinds of places end up as a gathering point for people, a meeting place somewhere where you can sit down while you’re cooking and the kids come do their homework or, you know, people walking past just pull up a chair and have a drink, and it’s a really nice way to connect. Having said that, it’s really easy to overthink very simple decisions, such as what kind of stool would you use for this area here?

And I have to tell you I’ve gone for this one mainly because of its simplicity. It’s a replica of a very famous chair. It’s stylish. It’s simple, it’s practical. It’s comfortable and, best of all, it doesn’t conflict with anything else that we have going on here in the room. They tuck away seamlessly. So when I’m using them, they’re great. But they’re virtually invisible. When I’m not using them, it just goes to show that you don’t have to break the budget so that you can get a stylish look.