Are you passionate about gardening? Do you want to create a wonderful space for your home? Then you have found your home.

At The Home Team, whether you are a seasoned gardener or a novice gardener planting your first edible garden, everyone is welcome here.

We know what it feels like to get dirty between your fingers, how thrilling it is to see your first seedling or flower of the year appear, and how delicious it is to bite into the fresh fruit you’ve just had, harvested from your own garden, because we are also gardeners. Therefore, our goal is simple; we want to give you great experience through gardening!

More than anything, gardening is fun, and we want to make gardening happier.

What You’ll Find Here

Our website will start operating at the end of 2021. We are new to the home and garden. However, we are working hard to provide you with useful information.

Each week we create a variety of helpful content that helps people find the information and inspiration they need to achieve their dream garden. Rather, we are creating a virtual encyclopedia of horticultural information.

On our website you will find a wealth of knowledge such as: how to prevent garden pests; how to design beautiful gardens; useful tips from horticultural experts; posts by experts who want to share useful gardening information with everyone.

We also have a module on how to take care of your home and decorate it in a more beautiful way. What if you have a beautiful garden outdoors and inside is the perfect space for your home?

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